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Recruitment Automation Conference (RAC)

1697 people attended
Welcome to the Recruitment Automation Conference (RAC)!

The RAC brings the global recruitment community together to learn, grow, and connect. RAC is for recruiters, sourcers, executives, builders, and industry experts: the people that are driving the evolution of digital recruitment - and the people that want to learn more about it.

What's happening at the RAC?

  • Hear from top HR executives and some of the most prominent thought leaders in talent acquisition: including talent leaders from companies like Comcast, Johnson & Johnson, Uber, Intel, AT&T, Randstad, Siemens, Accenture, and more. They'll cover topics ranging from implementing new technologies to bias and diversity in tech-first hiring to the landscape of innovation in today's TA world. 

  • Watch case study sessions from technology solutions across the TA ecosystem and see how teams are actually implementing innovative tech solutions out in the wild.

  • Connect with the recruiting community! This is truly a virtual conference meant to be a real experience for everyone: see everything from a magician to a relaxation room to a happy hour mixology contest, and more fun surprises. If we are going to come together virtually, let's have some fun doing it!

    And keep checking back! We're adding more each day :)

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· Sessions
Recruitment DNA Podcast: Live!
Max Notis
· Stage
Welcome Address / Opening Keynote: Today and Tomorrow of Recruiting
Aryeh Lehrer Drew Austin
· Sessions
Recruitment Automation Trends
Jonathan Kestenbaum
· Stage
The "New Normal": Can Technology Step It Up?
Danielle Monaghan Michael Glenn Jason Roberts Gerry Crispin torin ellis
· Sessions
PepsiCo’s Lessons Learned on the Artificial Intelligence for Talent Acquisition Journey
Stephanie Keith Erin Garzon Athena Karp
· Networking
Networking: Meet Fellow Conference Attendees by Clicking on the "Networking" Button and Hitting "Ready"
· Sessions
Pulling Back the Curtain: Roundtable Discussion with the Product Builders of Recruitment Tech
Mike Marasch Arik Galansky Chris Muir Whit Walker Sanjoe Tom Jose
· Sessions
Creating Authentic in the New Remote World
Alykhan Rehmatullah
· Sessions
Virtual Career Events to Support a Remote World
John Hassett
· Sessions
Recruitment DNA Podcast: Live!
Max Notis
· Stage
The Tech Toolbox: How to Implement Recruitment Tech
Jennifer Terry-Tharp Kevin Grossman Allyn Bailey Cas Turbak
· Sessions
Candidate Experience: Can Personalization and Scale Coexist?
Brian Smith Jim  Stroud David Barlaam Steven Lu
· Sessions
How ANZ Used AI to Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness in Graduate Recruitment
Elise Franklin
· Sessions
The Ethics of AI in Recruiting
Paul Root Wolpe Athena Karp
· Sessions
Optimize the Candidate Journey with Integrated Scheduling
Adam Bird Erin Douglas
· Stage
The Recruiting Automation Technology Landscape
Trish McFarlane George LaRocque Madeline Laurano
· Sessions
How Digitizing Reference Checks Became the Best Way to Avoid Bad Hires
Yves Lermusi (Checkster)
· Sessions
How to Move Forward (and Fast) With Virtual Recruiting Events
Annette DeHaven Megan Dean Jennifer Dang
· Sessions
Find, Engage, & Deliver Talent 5x Faster
Tom Steele
· Stage
Dollars and Sense: How to make a Business Case for Recruitment Tech
Bob Toohey Jerome Ternynck David Foley Jason Lorenz
· Sessions
An AI Recruiter on Your Team and On Demand
Chris Saez Dave Mekelburg
· Expo
Walk the Virtual Floor: Expo Hall is Open! Go meet sponsors (live people in the booths!) and watch puppies
· Stage
Don't Stop Believin: Why It's (Still) All About Mapping Your Marketing Funnel to the Journey
Kim Pope Leslie Vickrey Eleni Efstratiades Brandon Simmons
· Sessions
Recruitment DNA Podcast: Live!
Max Notis
· Sessions
Recruiting Startup Talent: Cracking the Code at Codecademy
Josh Goldstein Emma Loftus Madison Olson
· Sessions
Using Candidate & Employee Feedback to Optimize & Evolve Virtual Hiring
Tony Suzda Jenna Van Winkle Jason Moreau
· Stage
Bias, Diversity, and Inclusion in a Digital World
Frida Polli Lori Foster Adrianne Pettiford
· Sessions
How Agilent Technologies Hires Qualified Female Talent Through Fairygodboss
· Sessions
How Video Can Improve Hiring
Colin Danaher
· Stage
The Crystal Ball: Frontier Technology that Will Change the Way We Work (Plus Closing Address)
Ilonka Jankovich Drew Austin David Hain John Spinale
· Sessions
Conscious Inclusion in Your Recruiting Efforts Can and Do Work
Elaine Orler
· Sessions
Happy Hour Mixologist Mix-off
· Stage
Happy Hour Magic Show w/ Jonathon LaChance
Jonathon LaChance


Brian Smith

Principal at Mercer

Jonathan Kestenbaum

Co-founder at Tech Talent Labs

Elaine Orler

President and Co-founder at TalVista

Jason Roberts

Global Talent Acquisition Capability Leader at Accenture

John Spinale

Managing Partner at JAZZ Venture Partners

Paul Jacquin

Managing Partner at Randstad Innovation Fund

Frida Polli

CEO & Founder at pymetrics

Brandon Simmons

VP of Customer Success at WorkLLama

Lori Foster

Professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at NC State University

Athena Karp

CEO & Founder at HiredScore

Kevin Grossman

President at The Talent Board

David Foley

VP of Sales at Wade & Wendy

David Hain

CEO at Gotham Growth Group

Jennifer Terry-Tharp

AVP, Employment Branding and Technology at AT&T

Adrianne Pettiford

Head of Client Insights and Analytics at pymetrics

Paul Root Wolpe

Raymond Schinazi Professor of Bioethics and Director, Center for Ethics at Emory University

Kim Pope

COO at WilsonHCG

Michael Glenn

Talent Intelligence, Sourcing and Marketing at Cognizant

Aryeh Lehrer

VP, Talent Acquisition & Talent Management at Comcast

Cas Turbak

Senior Director, Technology at Randstad Sourceright

Jim Stroud

VP of Marketing at Proactive Talent

Gerry Crispin


Danielle Monaghan

VP, Head of Global TA and Mobility at Uber

Allyn Bailey

Talent Acquisition Transformation Manager at Intel Corporation

Jason Lorenz

Head of HR Digital Strategy and Solutions at Johnson & Johnson

Trish McFarlane

Principal Consultant/Analyst at H3HR Advisors

George LaRocque

Founder & Principal Analyst at HRWins

Madeline Laurano

Founder at Aptitude Research

Eleni Efstratiades

Global Talent Relationship Marketing at Siemens

Drew Austin

CEO at Wade & Wendy

Leslie Vickrey

CEO & Founder at ClearEdge Marketing

Yves Lermusi (Checkster)

CEO at Checkster

Annette DeHaven

VP of Marketing at Gr8 People

Adam Bird

CEO & Co-founder at Cronofy

Erin Douglas

Director, Sales Enablement and Alliances at EASYRECRUE

Erin Garzon

TA Manager, Reporting & Analytics at PepsiCo

Stephanie Keith

Global HR Ops Analyst at PepsiCo

Dave Mekelburg

Chief of Staff at Wade & Wendy

Elise Franklin

Client Success at pymetrics

Tom Steele

VP at ZapInfo

Colin Danaher

Vp of Sales at Talview

Alykhan Rehmatullah

CEO & Co-founder at Altru

Sanjoe Tom Jose

CEO at Talview

Jerome Ternynck

CEO & Founder at SmartRecruiters

Bob Toohey

President at pymetrics

torin ellis

Diversity Strategy & Risk Forward || Host of Career Mix (SiriusXM) || Author of Rip The Resume

Whit Walker

VP of Product at Wade & Wendy

Chris Muir

Co-founder at

Arik Galansky

VP Technology at HiredScore

Mike Marasch

VP of Product at DHI Group Inc.

John Hassett

VP of Sales at DHI Group Inc.

Jennifer Dang

Customer Success Manager at Gr8 People

Steven Lu

CEO & Co-founder at Interseller

David Barlaam

Director of TA/Operations at T-ROC

Chris Saez

Sr. Director, TA Operations at Comcast

Megan Dean

Director of HR at Greystone Healthcare

Josh Goldstein

Co-founder at

Madison Olson

Sr. Technical Recruiter at Codecademy

Emma Loftus

Sr. Technical Recruiter at Codecademy

Ilonka Jankovich

Venture Partner at Randstad Innovation Fund

Jonathon LaChance

Award-Winning Magician with Appearances on NBC's Today Show and More

Areena McLaughlin

Talent Acquisition Manager at Perkins & Co

Max Notis

Podcast Host of Recruitment DNA ll Account Executive at Wade & Wendy

Jason Moreau

CEO at Survale

Jenna Van Winkle

Candidate Experience Specialist at Workiva

Tony Suzda

Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition & Talent Strategy at Dent Wizard International

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