Reboot Conversations: The Right's Tech Realignment, Section 230, and What Comes Next with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr

Join us on Wednesday, September 16 for a 1-hour virtual fireside chat with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr. This event is part of the #RebootConversations series leading up to Lincoln Network's Reboot 2020 conference on November 6, 9, and 10.

In the wake of this summer's House Antitrust Committee hearings and the Federal Communication Commission's open public comment period on President Trump's proposed revisions to Section 230, the tech industry is certain to face continued scrutiny, regardless of the 2020 election's outcome.

As the right struggles to navigate these headwinds, Lincoln Network and FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr will expand on the themes of his recent Newsweek op-ed, A Conservative Path Forward on Big Tech. The conversation will cover the controversy over Section 230, the political bias and free speech debates, the role of the market in driving technological innovation, and how to ensure accountability and transparency for individual users.


Marshall Kosloff
Marshall Kosloff

Lincoln Network Director of Outreach and Media

Brendan Carr
Brendan Carr

FCC Commissioner

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