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Rebel Book Club x New Power

336 people attended
Welcome to our first 100% remote RBC meetup!

We are so excited to share this with you. We have decided to use a fresh event platform that mirrors in-person events, HopIn, to recreate the unique parts of an RBC meetup.

The line-up:

  • Join our 'main stage' event for a live Q+A with Jeremy Heimans, author of New Power.
  • An area for breakout sessions where you can meet Rebels from across our international community
  • Cocktails from your Cupboard with Mix + Muddle
  • Chat Roulette-style video meets with other RBC members in our 'networking' area

All you need to do is register via the HopIn ticket link and save the date!

Nearer the time, we will share a demo video showing you around the 'venue' to give you a preview of what's in store...

Let's do this!

Big love,
Team RBC x

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· Stage
Cocktails from your Cupboard with Mix & Muddle + Meet the RBC Hosts
· Stage
Live Q+A with Jeremy Heimans, author of New Power
· Sessions
Group chat x New Power - meet members from all RBC cities
· Stage
Closing comments with Ben K + Ben SG
· Networking
RBC meet 'n greet via Video Chat Roulette
· Expo
Explore the Exhibition Area

The event is over

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Rebel Book Club


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