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Rebel Book Club x Midnight in Chernobyl

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Rebel Book Club x Midnight in Chernobyl

Welcome back to Hop In, our Virtual RBC Event Space!
We're a Zoom Free Zone (ZFZ) here at RBC...

The Lineup:

  • Join our 'main stage' event for a live Q+A with our very special guest, Dr. Dame Sue Ion
  • RBC's Anca, who grew up in Romania, will give us some personal context for life in the Ukraine and surrounding countries in the 1980s
  • Book chats with Rebels from across our international community - why not travel for a chat with another city?!
  • Cocktails from your Cupboard is back with Rich from Mix + Muddle
  • Chat Roulette-style video meets with other RBC members in our 'networking' area (You asked - we listened: a whole 2 minutes now!)
  • Expo area to review bonus Chernobyl video content and to support projects from RBC Members + Dame Sue 

Introducing Dr. Dame Sue Ion, our Nuclear Power Expert:

In April 1986, at the time of Chernobyl, Dame Sue was working for British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL), a nuclear energy and fuels company owned by the UK Government. In our Q+A, we'll cover what it was like to be working in Nuclear Power at that time and its impact on the industry + policy. We'll then ask Dame Sue to simplify some of the technical bits we've been struggling with in the book and we'll do a round of Myth Busting on Nuclear Power (and a cheeky bonus round on the HBO series!).

Dame Sue Ion is currently Hon President of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear and is a member of the UK Nuclear Regulator’s Independent Advisory Panel.  She was Chairman of the UK Government’s Nuclear Innovation Research Advisory Board which operated from January 2014- March 2016. Dame Sue was BNFL’s Chief Technology Officer from 1992-2006 and since then has served on a number of advisory committees associated with the UK’s energy requirements

She holds honorary or visiting professorships at the University of Manchester and Imperial College London and currently serves as a member of Board of Governors of the University of Central Lancashire. Dame Sue is a Fellow of both the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society, where she chairs or serves on a number of standing committees.

And if that wasn't enough, check out Dame Sue's appearances on Desert Island Discs and Women's Hour, where she makes the case for getting more girls into engineering in schools so that they can go onto have amazing careers just like hers! We'll add some of her projects into the Expo area for you to explore + support.

Get your questions ready! It's a real privilege to have such an expert in this field with us for this event.

All you need to do is register via the Hop In ticket link and save the date!

If you missed the last one, check out the demo video showing you around the 'venue' to give you a preview of what's in store and how it all works.

Let's do this!

Big love,
Team RBC x

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· Stage
Welcome with Ben & Ben + Cocktails from your Cupboard with Mix & Muddle
· Stage
RBC's Anca talks through the Cultural + Political backdrop of the Chernobyl disaster
· Stage
Q+A with UK Nuclear expert, Dr. Dame Sue Ion
· Sessions
Book Chat: Themed Sessions - Dive into any topic!
· Expo
Expo: Pit Stop for Brief History & Science Lessons + RBC Projects
· Networking
Post Event Virtual Mingle!
· Stage
Reflections with RBC Team

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