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Real Estate Life 360 October Meetup

Topic: Foreclosure and Short Sale - Lead Generation and Market Update

Real Estate Life 360 was created to be an online resource for real estate professional community. Our mission is to educate, inspirit and support local independent investors and agents. The goal of our community is to provide a resource for the real estate community to network and grow their business. While the core focus are for the real estate investors and agents, other real estate professionals can apply the information and resources for their business as well. We encourage all real estate professionals including mortgage lenders, hard money lenders, real estate attorneys, title companies, property managers, real estate appraisals, insurance agents and many others to come join us in our monthly meetings to network and learn to grow their business.
Whether you are a new aspiring professional or a seasoned one, you've come to the right place.

Our Core Values:
Value: It is our commitment to deliver exceptional value
Integrity: It is our intent to tell it like it is which means honesty and transparency about the business of real estate
Trust: This is the foundation of any relationship and the foundation within our community

At our monthly Virtual Events, you will LEARN current trending real estate topics from top professionals in the local area and NETWORK and CONNECT with other like-minded real estate professionals.

Our 2nd Annual Real Estate Pros 2021 Virtual Summit Expo for Investors is scheduled for April/May 2021 - please email us @ [email protected] if you are interested in the below:
Vendor Booth
Check out our 1st Annual Real Estate Pros 2020 Virtual Summit CLICK HERE.


· Sessions
Reception Session
Reception Session
· Stage
Introduction and Meet the Speaker(s)
Introduction and Meet the Speaker
· Stage
Main Speaker(s)
Top Real Estate Professionals discuss the current and future impact of the pandemic on the real estate industry.
· Networking
Speed Networking
Speed Networking
· Expo
Meet the Vendors at the Expo Booths
Table Discussion Sessions
· Sessions
Table Discussion
Table Discussion
· Stage
Ending and Bonus
Ending and Bonus


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