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RadXC Presents Gimme Brown: Rum All Day

353 people attended

New Start Time 12:15pm ET/ 11:15am CT

Radical Xchange (RadXC) is an experience-based creative content agency. We use food and beverage as a conveyor for art, music, history, and community. Gimme Brown is our virtual offering that looks to create community by focusing on History, Beverage, Culture, and Unity; HBCU.

For those unfamiliar, HBCU's are Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We wanted to play upon this historic institution to provide our spin on beverage education. So we decided to lean into what we do best and create a platform that not only centers BIPOC in the industry but calls upon our industries shared interests.

Gimme Brown is a term that was often used to order in bars back in the day. Before there were numerous marks on the back bar, the main distinguishing factor for spirits was their color, so your ordered hwite (white) or darq (dark) liquor. When someone wanted to order dark liquor, they simply would say 'gimme brown,' a reference that referred to a host of different spirits depending on the region. Gimme Brown is an ode to that history this offering will feature education solely focused on Rum!

We will be posting the full schedule next week, but until then get a look at our panel topics. 
  • The Myths about Rum: Color, classification, aging, and marketing
  • The History of Rum
  • Deep Dive into Sugar: the economics and socio-political
  • Matchmaking: Molasses and Rum
  • Tiki vs. Tropical: Are we remaking a white-washed history and what does authenticity look like 
  • Categorizations and Colonialism
  • Master Blenders: Cultural perspectives

Join us on September 2nd and listen to amazing speakers, DJs, and of course, some great tasting spirits. The portal will open at 10:30am CT, and the content will start at 11am CST. Check out our Instagram for more info. 

This is a 21+ event.  

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· Stage
Opening Doors/DJ Chinua
· Stage
Commencement Speech
Ashtin Berry
· Stage
The Myths about Rum: Color, Classification, Aging, and Marketing
The way rum is categorized is often problematic. How should we navigate the rum world?
Rich Bailey Moya Lambert Micah Anderson
· Stage
Matchmaking: Molasses and Rum
Molasses and rum have a long and codependent history, and we will explore the intricacies of this relationship in depth.
David Cid
· Stage
The History of Rum
Rum history is complex, and weaving, and just as simple as any other colonized good.
Sly Augustin
· Stage
Categorizations and Colonialism
Why do we still root rum in colonization and in what ways do these roots run deep?
Chris Francke Ashtin Berry miguel smith Calbert Francis Zan Kong
· Stage
Mauritius Rum: a long history, a young industry
Take a dive with Ludovic as he introduces us to the rum and history of Mauritius an Island off the SE coast of Africa.
ludovic Ceffué
· Stage
Tiki vs. Tropical
What happens when the white imagination dictates what’s popular and how we can honor a history of drinks?
Sam Jimenez Roberto Berdecia Andra Johnson Chockie Tom
· Stage
Master Blenders Culture Perspectives
Silvia Santiago Mary Palac Francisco Terrazas


Kisira Hill


Silvia Santiago

Don Q

David Cid

Master of Rum for Bacardi

Chris Francke

Owner of The Green Zone

Benjamin Simmons


Rich Bailey

Brand Ambassador for Saint Teresa Rum

Ashtin Berry

Community Architect/ Founder Radical Xchange

Sly Augustin

Owner of Trailer Happiness and Global Rum Ambassador

miguel smith

Mount Gay Rum Global Brand Ambassador

Calbert Francis

Rum Marketing Executive

Francisco Terrazas

Paranubes Rum and Mezcal Vago

Chockie Tom

Bartender and Brand Ambassador Ming River Baijiu

Andra Johnson

Bar Director of Serenata/Zumo

Zan Kong

Commercial Spirits Director for Worthy Park

Moya Lambert

Former Distillery Manager at Mount Gay and Rum Goddess

Roberto Berdecia

Bartender at Jungle Bird and La Factoria in Puerto Rico

Sam Jimenez

Bartender and Brand Ambassador

Mary Palac

Bartender at Paper Plane and Rum Expert

ludovic Ceffué

Rhumerie de Chamarel Brand Ambassador

Micah Anderson

Bar Director of Rum Club Portland, OR, USA

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Radical Xchange

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