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We are excited to host the third R/Pharma conference and the first virtual one.  The conference will run over three days from October 13-15.  We have a rich schedule of keynotes and talks which will be held each day across 4 hours starting at 7:00am on U.S. west coast, 10:00am on U.S. east coast and 4:00pm central Europe.  The conference platform, hopin.to, will be active outside of these times and we encourage you to use it to interact with speakers and attendees.  More information on schedule and other details will follow over the next few weeks on our blog (https://rinpharma.com/blog/) and twitter feed (https://twitter.com/rinpharma).
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R/Pharma - International conference for data scientists and statisticians in the Pharma Industry. Check the links below for updated information.