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Purple Prize Kilo Hōkū Demo Day

210 people attended

Aloha! Welcome to the 2020 Purple Prize Kilo Hōkū (Demo Day)

Close your eyes. Imagine we have overcome the pandemic and you are waking up in a world with less uncertainty and despair. Do you see communities thriving economically? An abundance of food growing inside of your home? A notification on your smartphone of how the moon will affect our day? Your keiki playing a “smart” board game in the kitchen that teaches them about their ʻāina and plant science in a fun way? Do you reflect on the fact that your  energy comes from a renewable and abundant, local source: our loko iʻa? 

The Purple Prize supports the amazing community-oriented founders building that vision for our future; a place-based, abundant, and sustainable future.

Every year since 2016, we have hosted an event to inspire us of what our future can look like and to remind us of what our community is truly capable of. We call this Kilo Hōkū, the Purple Maiʻa Foundation’s version of a startup showcase or demonstration day.

Our theme this year is ʻIkuā

A time of swelling storms and intense weather. The 8 teams have embraced the storms and risen to the challenge that 2020 brought. Over the past 6 months, theʻve worked hard to build enterprises that turn all the potential of this time into positive solutions. Even more than embracing the storm, theyʻre riding the swells all the way back to shore. Perhaps storms activate us in powerful ways. As we move towards recovery, these startups will play essential roles in guiding Hawaiʻi towards Makahiki, a season of abundance.

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Welcome Remarks
Welcome Pule and E Ho Mai, opening remarks, and introduction.
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Keynote Speaker
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Box Farm Labs Pitch
Pitch #1 from Box Farm Labs
· Stage
Kanu Offset Pitch
Pitch #2 from Kanu Offset
· Stage
Vegetation Continuum Pitch
Pitch #3 from Vegetation Continuum
· Stage
Exchange Ave. Pitch
Pitch #4 from Exchange Ave.
· Networking
Open Networking (Optional: Kīpuka Innovation Competition Winning Pitches on Main Stage)
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MAG Hugs Pitch
Pitch #5 from MAG Hugs
· Stage
Ka Mahina Project Pitch
Pitch #6 from Ka Mahina Project
· Stage
ʻŌiwi Online Pitch
Pitch #7 from ʻŌiwi Online
· Stage
Polū Energy Pitch
Pitch #8 from Polū Energy
· Sessions
Meet the teams
Check out the teams in Sessions + open networking
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Prize Announcement


Alec Wagner
Alec Wagner

Director of Purple Prize

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Purple Maiʻa Foundation

Purple Maiʻa Foundation is a technology education nonprofit whose mission is to inspire and educate the next generation of technology makers.


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