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Out of The Bubble Conference - How to Launch Your Startup Successfully in 2020

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On September 16th, Montreal NewTech is kicking off Fall with a conference to help passionate students and first time startup entrepreneurs to discover entrepreneurship and "autonomous career" options in startups and entrepreneurship!

Out of the Bubble 2020 will bring together all the resources and support you need to jump into the startup world: our guest speakers and organizations will share stories of successful entrepreneurs, introduce you to new programs and opportunities, and connect you with like-minded individuals.

Have you thought about what makes you happy? Does it include working a standard 9-to-5, or is it about building something meaningful and scaling it? Are you interested in leveraging technology and innovation while developing your skillset?

Burst out of your bubble and find out what you can offer the world and how you can best make it happen! Don't miss the "Out of the Bubble" Conference 2020, leverage our tech and startup ecosystem, get access to the best ressources, network with like minded people and more! Grab your ticket to success today before it's sold-out!

*** Please note that to help you get the best experience, tickets are free, but capacity is limited and registration is required ***

Check out the schedule below to learn more about the event!

Featured Speakers:

  • Alex Deans (CEO & Co-Founder at Pickle)
  • Naysan Saran (CEO & Co-Founder at CANN Forecast)
  • Jade Doucet-Martineau (Co-Founder at Puzzle Medical Devices)
  • Nivatha Balendra (CEO & Co-Founder at Dispersa)
  • Mathieu Clas (CEO & Co-Founder at HookMotion)
  • Nicole Almond (President, Enactus Canada)
  • Stéphanie Guico (Board Member at Cooperatives & Mutuals Canada)
  • Qudsia Saadat (Branding & Marketing Director at Radish.Coop)
  • Caitlyn McConnell (Associate at Montreal Social Value Fund)
  • Olivia Novac (Assosciate Director, Technology Transfer at Research & Innovation Mcgill University)
  • Claudie Noël (Director, Skills and Talent Development at Montreal Invivo)
  • Julian Lucchesi (Strategic Partnerships Manager at Centech MTL)
  • Hélène Fortier (Research Partnership and Promotion Officer at Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada)
  • Omar Zahr (Director of Technology at Tandem Launch Inc.)
  • Ana Fernandez (Coordinator, Life Science & Entrepreneurship at District 3)
  • Raphael Christian-Roy (Co-Founder & National Managing Director Front Row Ventures)
  • David Oram (Chief Business Officer & Co-Founder at Renno & Co)
  • Toufic Adlouni (Co-Founder at Renno & Co, Lawyer)
  • Sahar Ansary (Partner at R&D Partners & Co-Founder at Fundica)
  • Michaela Deneva (Director of Community at Front Row Ventures | Program Coordinator at McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship)
  • Naoufel Testaouni (President at QueerTech)
  • Vanessa Shiu (Manager, Diversity & Inclusion at the DMZ)
  • Odero Otieno (CEO & Co-Founder at HealthBank)
  • Grecia Olanob (President at Women in STEM Concordia)
  • Kevyn Sinda Bele-Binda (President at Black En Tech Montréal)

Featured Organizations:


Le 16 septembre, Montréal NewTech sonne le départ de l'automne avec un évènement qui permettra à des aspirants entrepreneurs et étudiants passionnés de découvrir des options de carrière dans le domaine des startups et de l'entrepreneuriat !

Out of the Bubble rassemblera toutes les ressources dont vous avez besoin pour sauter dans le monde des startups : nos conférenciers et organisations invités partageront des histoires d'entrepreneurs à succès, vous présenteront de nouveaux programmes, ressources et opportunités, et vous mettront en contact avec des leaders partageant les mêmes ambitions.

Avez-vous pensé à ce que vous rend heureux ? Cela inclut-il le travail de 9 à 5 ou de lancer votre propre projet ? Souhaitez-vous en savoir plus sur la technologie et l'innovation tout en développant vos compétences dans les meilleures conditions ?

Sortez de votre bulle et découvrez ce que le monde a à vous offrir - prenez votre billet pour le succès dès aujourd'hui !

Consultez le programme ci-dessous pour en savoir plus sur l'événement !

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· Networking
🕝 Pre-Conference Networking
Networking session before we start the conference, let's get started!!
· Stage
🚀 Welcoming Words
An introduction from Montreal NewTech's president, Ilias Benjelloun!
· Stage
🌟 Main Panel: Journey of Young Entrepreneurs
Just like you, our speakers were in school when they started their endeavours! Come learn about their stories, goals, and challenges they faced along the way.
Naysan Saran Matthieu Clas Alexander Deans
· Stage
☕️ Break
Grab a coffee, take a walk, stretch it out. (5 minutes)
· Sessions
🤝 Challenge-Based Breakout Rooms 🤝
From here, it's a choose your own adventure: see the challenge-based breakout rooms below!
· Sessions
💡 Challenge: Can you make a social impact and still profit?
Do you have to sacrifice if your business is based on making a social impact? Here, we'll talk about Cooperative models, social good, and much more.
Nicole Almond Qudsia Saadat Stéphanie Guico (Montreal)
· Sessions
💡 Challenge: You have an idea - now what?
What are the first steps you need to take? How do you patent your startup idea? What about funding? VC's? We'll answer all these questions (and more) here!
Toufic Adlouni Raphael Christian-Roy Sahar Ansary
· Sessions
💡 Challenge: How can we empower diversity in entrepreneurship?
What are the programs available? What can you do to help in your organization? Who are the players leading in this field? Learn about all this and more here!
Odero Otieno Vanessa Shiu Kevyn  Bele-Binda Michaela Deneva
· Sessions
💡 Challenge: How can you transition from research to industry?
Did you know about all the resources available to help researchers enter the product market? Here, you'll find everything from financial support to guidance!
Julian Lucchesi  Ana Fernandez Claudie Noël Omar Zahr Hélène Fortier
· Expo
👋 Expo Sessions
Women in Tech, Black in Tech, Startup Career Opportunities, Student Accelerator/incubator programs, Research to Industry, Open Innovation, Sponsors, & more!
· Networking


Julian Lucchesi

Strategic Partnerships at Centech MTL

Vanessa Shiu

Manager, Diversity & Inclusion at The DMZ

Odero Otieno

CEO & Co-Founder at HealthBank

Claudie Noël

Director, Skills and Talent Development, Montreal Invivo

Nicole Almond

President, Enactus Canada

Ana Fernandez

Coordinator, Life Science & Entrepreneurship at District 3

Naysan Saran

Co-Founder & CEO at CANN Forecast

Toufic Adlouni

Co-Founder at Renno&Co, Lawyer

Qudsia Saadat

Co-Founder & Marketing Director at Radish.Coop

Kevyn Bele-Binda

President at Black In Tech Montreal

Alexander Deans

CEO & Co-Founder at Pickle

Matthieu Clas

CEO & Co-Founder at HookMotion

Katherine Quinn

Manager, Programs at Enactus Canada

Hélène Fortier

Research Partnership and Promotion Officer at Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Omar Zahr

Director of Technology at Tandem Launch Inc

Stéphanie Guico (Montreal)

Board Member at Cooperatives & Mutuals Canada

Michaela Deneva

Director of Community at Front Row Ventures | Program Coordinator at McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Sahar Ansary

Partner at R&D Partners | Co-Founder at Fundica

Raphael Christian-Roy

Co-Founder & National Managing Director Front Row Ventures

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Hosted by

MTL NewTech

MTLNewTech is a non-profit dedicated to tech startup innovation since 2008.

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Morgan Stanley

Technology Division

Cooperathon 2020 Edition

The largest open innovation challenge for positive social impact

Front Row Ventures

Canada’s first student-run venture capital fund. We back Canada’s most promising student founders.

Canadian Space Agency/Agence spatiale canadienne

Dare to Explore/Osez explorer

Montréal InVivo

Montréal InVivo the Life sciences and Health Technologies cluster


Dedicated to high-tech (deeptech) companies with high growth potential, Centech is a world-class business incubator based in Montreal. In 2019, Centech was recognized by UBI Global as one of the most successful university incubators in the world.

Enactus Canada

A community of entrepreneurial leaders who see business as a way to address social issues.

Tandem Launch

TandemLaunch is a unique startup foundry and seed fund based in Montreal

Collective Collaborative Platforms

Interconnecting entrepreneurs, resources, and networks to optimize an ecosystem for collective collaborative platforms.

R&D Partners

Maximize your government funding, simplify your life.

Renno & Co

Canada’s Digital Law Firm - We are a full suite corporate and startup law firm designed for the modern entrepreneur.


The DMZ is a world leading accelerator for tech startups in Canada.

Centre d'Entrepreneuriat Poly-UdeM

Centre d'Entrepreneuriat UdeM

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) supports university students in their advanced studies, promotes discovery research, and fosters innovation by encouraging more than 4,500 Canadian companies to participate and invest in postsecondary research projects. Our Strategy for partnership and innovation helps companies expand their know-how, create partnerships opportunities and find solutions to their specific problems.

Montreal NewTech

Montreal NewTech is the premier technological and startup organization in the Canadian innovation ecosystem since 2008.

Mcgill Engine

Supporting technological innovation and entrepreneurship


Robocon is the world’s first global Hackathon on service robotic and will be hosted virtually from October 2nd – 5th, 2020.

Le Wagon

Le Wagon is the #1 ranked coding bootcamp worldwide.


Food Delivery Cooperative

Grey Box

Free WiFi for Remote Communities

National Social Value Fund

Meet the National Social Value Fund

Women in Engineering at Concordia University

Gina Cody's Women in Engineering organization


HackMcGill is a group uniting the hackers, entrepreneurs and creatives of McGill through workshops, collaborative hacker space, and our flagship event McHacks.

AEPC - HEC Montréal

Sommet de l'entrepreneuriat et de l'innovation qui aura lieu le 7 et 8 octobre prochain