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June Series 2020: Origins and Beyond

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June Series 2020: Origins and Beyond

June Series has been running for 6years with each year having a seminal theme. Amidst the COVID pandemic, the global recession, the horrible murder of George Floyd by law enforcement officers, and the great spirit of solidarity from people across the world against such injustice; it is fair to say that humanity is feeling the birth pangs of a new dawn. To this end, this year's conference focuses on these challenges from a philosophical perspective with a view to providing you with the thinking space to enable you to shape your future. In collaboration with Hopin we have curated a remarkable virtual experience which includes a lecture, Q and A session and networking opportunities.

Talk: Origins and Beyond by Clement Akran, BA Theology, Media & Communications, MBA Ethics & Sustainability (30minutes) 

  • Discuss 2 of the big issues facing humanity: global warming and inequality
  • Explore their origins and systems that foster them
  • Reflection for the Panel Discussion and Q & A session:
    • How do we shape the future: re-alignment, disruption, or what?

Panel Discussion (30minutes) 

  1. How do we shape the future: re-alignment, disruption, or what?

Members of Panel

  • Peter Joyce, MA (Lay Chaplain, Canterbury Christchurch University, academic interest in Excluded Congregations)
  • Idorenyin Etokakpan, MSc (Academic and Management Consultant at Eight-Oaks Consulting UK)
  • Dr Larry Jones-Esan, PhD (Educationist, lecturer and founder of London Academy Business School)

Synopsis, Closing Remarks and Update on Future Events (15minutes)

  • Sidney Allo, (FCMI CMgr MAICD, Professional Economist, Senior Strategy & Analytics Leader)

Sunday 14th June 2020, 11 am - 12:30 pm

  • Networking Opportunities: 11am - 11:15am
  • Welcome and Talk: 11:15am - 11:45am
  • Q & A with Panel of Experts: 11:45am - 12:15pm
  • Closing remarks, and future events: 12:15pm - 12:30pm

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· Networking
Networking Opportunities
An opportunity to network with linkminded before the event.
Christie Emuedue
· Stage
Talk: Origins and Beyond
Discuss 2 of the big challenges facing humanity: Global warming Inequality and explore the system that foster them.
Clement Akran
· Sessions
Panel and Q & A Session
Panel discussion and question and answer session from the audience from the audience.
Veronica Owusu Pete Joyce Idorenyin  Etokakpan Larry Jones-Esan Clement Akran
· Sessions
Closing Remarks and Update on Future Events
A synopsis of the event, closing remarks, and update on future events.
Sidney Allo


Veronica Owusu


Clement Akran

Main speaker

Larry Jones-Esan

Panel Member

Idorenyin Etokakpan

Panel Member

Pete Joyce

Panel Member

Christie Emuedue


Sidney Allo

Closing Remarks

The event is over

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Healingsprings fellowship

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