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Opioids In America

20 people attended

Welcome to “Opioids in America"

Our event discusses and explores chronic pain and the distinction of cannabis and opioid patient treatments. How cannabis and opioids differ in addressing adjunctive and intractable pain, and the existing government restrictions imposed within physician practices. 

Our meeting begins by providing you interval One-on-One Networking, Main Stage followed by Q & A's.  Web Cam Group and Private Chats and Polls are available throughout the meeting. This event is a great opportunity to network, meet peers and industry leaders. Our Speakers will share their passion surrounding this and other sensitive subjects and the epidemic affecting many throughout the US. 

Session Speakers;
1. Elizabeth Dost, RN, Clinical Director, Healthcare Strategist, Mass Patient Advocacy Alliance (MPAA)
2. Claudia Merandi, President the Doctor Patient Forum, Healthcare Advocate, Public Speaker
The Truth Behind Opioids!  

The Importance of Opioids in the Successful Treatment of Chronic Pain!

  1. Where does Cannabis and Opioids Differ When it Comes to Adjunctive and Intractable Pain

  2. Cannabis and Opioids Satisfy Varying Levels and Types of Chronic Pain

  3. Opioids are Now Often the Latter Yet Most Successful Treatment of Chronic Pain

  4. Chronic Pain Resulting From Covid 19 Cases and Hospitalizations

  5. MD's Under Fire! The Physician's Right to Prescribe Legal, and FDA Approved Treatment Modalities

  6. The DEA's Role in the Persecution of Physicians

  7. The CDC's Misleading Guidelines and Enforcement

  8. Suboxone, the Story

  9. Why Cannabis (Alone) May Not Always Alleviate Chronic, Intractable Pain

Our Schedule; 

1.     Video Speed Networking (30 to 180 Sec Intervals, One on Ones) 1:30-1:40pm
2.     Stage - 1:40-2:45pm
3.     Side Panel Chats, Polls 1:30-2:45pm (Peer Insight / Dialogue)

Questions Email; [email protected]
General Ticketing, Sponsor w/ Expo Booth -  

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed and discussed at our online and or in-person events are that of those presenting and do not have any connection or affiliation with Delta 9 Summits. Additionally any information provided orally or written is for educational and informational purposes only, and are not intended to serve as or substitute for a diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Please consult a local physician or other health care professional for your specific health care and/or medical needs or concerns. 

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Opioids In America
The Truth Behind Opioids! What If Cannabis Can't Help? The Importance of Opioids in the Successful Treatment of Chronic Pain
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Elizabeth G Dost

RN, Clinical Director Mass Patient Advocacy Alliance

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Nicole Yeager


Claudia Merandi

President Patient Doctor Forum

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