Getting Started With OpenTelemetry in Kubernetes

What is OpenTelemetry? How do you get started using it? This workshop will answer those questions, and more.

You'll learn -
- The basic principles of Observability, and how OpenTelemetry fits into the Observability ecosystem.
- How to instrument a Java and JavaScript service quickly and easily with OpenTelemetry.
- Deploying the OpenTelemetry Collector to Kubernetes to gather telemetry data from your services.
- Using Lightstep with OpenTelemetry to find and fix bugs and performance regressions.

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Introduction to Observability and OpenTelemetry
Learn about the basics of observability, and how OpenTelemetry works.
Austin Parker
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Instrumenting and Deploying OpenTelemetry
We'll instrument our sample application with OpenTelemetry, and deploy the OpenTelemetry collector to gather telemetry data from it.
Austin Parker
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Using Lightstep to interpret OpenTelemetry Traces
Let's use Lightstep to understand what our application is doing.
Austin Parker
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Open Q&A
An open forum for q&a or discussion of the workshop.
Austin Parker


Austin Parker
Austin Parker

Principal Developer Advocate @ Lightstep

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