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Citizen Science & Science Communication - Online event

On November 16th, FWO, the Royal Flemish Academy, Scivil and the Young Academy will combine three events into one online event on citizen science and science communication. Register here for this free event.

13:30 - Three presentations on citizen science
  • GDPR and citizen science - Klaas Ghesquire (imec)
  • Communication and long-term engagement of participants - Carina Veeckman (imec - SMIT - VUB)
  • Applying gamification in citizen science - Hannes Ledegen (Natuurpunt) and Bieke Zaman (KU Leuven)
14:30 - Networking session
14:45 - Three presentations on science communication
  • #lockdownlab: DIY science eperiments at home - Stephane Berghmans (Technopolis)
  • Welcome into the head of the scientist: reopening the Ghent University Museum - Marjan Doom (Ghent University Museum)
  • Remote astronomy: controlling the Mercator Telescope from 3000 km away - Hans Van Winckel (KU Leuven)
15:45 - (In Dutch) Onderscheidingen Wetenschapscommunicatie van de KVAB en de Jonge Academie

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· Sessions
Citizen science
Our guest speakers will talk about GDPR, communication and gamification in citizen science.
· Networking
In this networking session, you'll join other participants in ultra short meetings.
· Sessions
Science communication
Presentations on three exciting science communication initiatives.
· Sessions
Science communication awards


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