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Oneness Festival - Summer 2020

Access 138 Hours of Conscious Content for a year for only $147


60+ Speakers & Artists // 92 Workshops // 3 Days Non-stop // 1 Year Access

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Opening Remarks
A welcome message from Oneness Tribe Co-Founder Jessica
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Sophie von Matérn - Heart Opening Concert
“Heart Opening Music – Feel to Heal” Music allows us to tune into ourselves, to come back home and feel the connection with our emotions.
Sophie von Matérn
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Liquid Bloom Exclusive Set for Oneness Festival!
Exclusive Liquid Bloom Set for Oneness Festival!
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Porangui Exclusive Set for Oneness Festival!
Exclusive Porangui Set for Oneness Festival!
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Closing Remarks
A message of celebration and gratitude from Oneness Tribe Co-Founders Sia and Dani from Bali


Eloah Paes Ramalho

Confidence Coach

Jordan Aftanas

Certified AYL Master Life Coach

Ronja Sebastian

Speaker, international event leader, world traveler and catalyst into limitless living

Daniel Winn

Co-Founder of Oneness Tribe, Owner of

Lion Galban

Embodiment Coach & Reality Architect

Eric Balance

The Conscious Cash Flow Coach

Lin Holmquist

Tantra Therapist

Veronika Larisova

Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Entrepreneur

arja hendrikx

Tantra Teacher

Sophie von Matérn

Singer, Songwriter, Healer

Molly Kubes

Online Spiritual Business Strategist

Eugina O Liberty

Pleasure and Intimacy Coaching

Katharina Podkin

Healer, Spiritual Teacher & Detox Expert

Jayaprada Radhika

Theraputic Empowerment Mentor & International Yoga Teacher Trainer

Layla El khadri

Leadership Coach, Speaker & Author

MimI Ruth

Fitness Trainer + Social Media Expert

kecia clarke

Family lawyer & Self-Love Maven

Ben Torre

Visionary, Mystic, Human Design Expert, Breathwork

mac brazina

Integrative Mental & Physical Health & Wellness Coach

Jonathan Barry

Intuitive Business Strategist & Metaphysician

Shamina Taylor

Spiritual Business Mentor

James & Riya

Artist, Singer & Integration guide

Jessica Lipman

Mindfulness Coach

Nikki Rhodes

Relationship Coach

Lana Broz

High-Value Women's Coach

Ela Mare

Meditation and Himalayan Kundalini Master Trainer

Dominique D’Vita

Certified Tantra Coach & Registered Nurse at

Shaft Uddin

Follow Me On Instagram @SHAFTUDDIN

Mana Mei

Feminine Embodiment Temple Keeper

lua leo

Dancer Sorceress, Magical Embodiment, Expression & Soul Path

Juan Pablo Barahona

Global Transformational Leader, Visionary, Speaker, Holistic Yoga Teacher, Musician, Healer & Coach

Regan Hillyer

Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Energetic Coach and Global Speaker

Kevin Orosz

High Performance Coach

Rohil Jethmalani

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Aaron Kleinerman

Transformational Sex & Relationship Coach

Nadine Lee

Teacher of the Tantric Arts. Feminine Embodiment Mentor. Transformational Catalyst

Taylor Lou Dixon

Lifestyle Design Coach, Business Mentor, Master NLP Practitioner

Cam Fraser

Certified Professional Sex Coach

aida lucie

Holistic Sex & Orgasm Expert

Elizabeth April

Psychic, Paradigm Shifter, Truth Seeker

Cara Barone

Business Strategist & Clarity Coach

Olanikee Osi

CEO of Goddess Detox Inc and SelfishBabe, Self-Love Manifestor, Spiritual Teacher

Luke Scott III

Spiritual Mentor

Josh Blau

Meditation Teacher & Mentor

Mark Ottobre

Founder of Enterprise Fitness

Cait Scudder

Business Coach & Success Mentor for Entrepreneurs

Dashama Gordon

Author, Speaker, Filmmaker

Sarrah Rose

Tantric Sex Coach

Johnathan White

Instructor of Taoist sexual practices, Tantra, Qigong, and Meditation.

matthew ayriss

Men's Sacred Sexuality & Masculinity Guide

Gina Swire

Self-Love Expert

Osha Key

Business & Life Coach

Bella Krystal

Quantum Alignment Facilitator

Kashira Whiteley

Life Coach, Speaker & Content Creator

Erin Claire Jones

Human Design Guide & Leadership Coach

Wilrieke Sophia

Intimacy Activist, Facilitator, Trainer, Speaker, Coach

Enrika Miltenyte


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Oneness Tribe

Producer of the Oneness Festival

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Elizabeth April

Expand - Awaken - EA

Free Detox Masterclass

Learn how to detox mentally, emotionally & physically


Spiritual Business Accelerator

The Power of Self Love

Time to Rise and Live!


Out of mind, into body & expansive heart field.

Lana Broz

High-value women coach

Shivatman Yoga

Secrets of Breathwork (Online Course)

Dashama - Pranashama Yoga Institute

Bali Yoga Teacher Training YTT300 : January 2021

Nadine Lee Tantric Alchemy

F.Empire Online Course

Veronika Larisova- Chief Nutrition

Physical fitness, nutrition, healthy snacks

Sarrah Rose, Tantric Activation

Your Obligation As A Man

Eliyah Tantra School

Eliyah Tantra School

Arja Hendrikx

Feel Sexually Free, Confident in your Body and Connected with Self-Love

Yes Tantra

Orgasmic Manifestation Method

Eric Balance

Business Nirvana

Osha Key Coaching

Apply for a complimentary business coaching session

Erin Claire Jones

Human Design Guide & Leadership Coach

Aida Lucie

Holistic Sexuality Expert - Founder of BlisSchool™



Jordan Aftanas - Whole Life Strategist + Coach

Coaching and consulting at the intersection of ancient mindfulness practices and strategic, intentional action

OM People Yoga

From the student emerges the teacher

Full Body Blast and Training Education with Anna Wasag

Join this fun and interactive sweat session!!

EXPLORING DEEPER with Wilrieke Sophia

Creating abundant intimacy in love, sex, and (open) relationships