Northwest New Jersey Rivers Conference

24 people attending

Northwest New Jersey Rivers Conference:  Agenda


Day 1 - Thursday Nov. 12th 2PM - 5PM

2:00 - Welcome & Opening Plenary (Julia Somers, Dr Krassi Lazarova, Freeholder James Kern)
2:30 - Workshop 1 (Concurrent Sessions)
o   Carbon defense strategies & your forest (Pam Zipse)
o   Green solutions for addressing stormwater problems (Dr Chris Obropta)
o   Intro to dam removal in New Jersey (Beth Styler-Barry & Kyle Richter)

3:30 - Visit Virtual Exhibits and Poster Displays

3:45 - Workshop 2 (Concurrent Sessions)
o   Effectively managing lands for climate change (Leslie Sauer) 
o   Stormwater Utilities: A proven way to address water quality and stormwater infrastructure concerns (Adrienne Vicari)
o   Discovering Eco and Agro tourism opportunities in the NJ Highlands (John Donahue, Ben Spinelli, Frank Pinto)

4:45 - Visit Virtual Exhibits and Poster Displays

5PM - Wrap up the day + Optional Virtual Happy Hour and Networking.

Day 2 - Friday Nov. 13th 9AM - 12:30PM

9AM - Welcome and order of the day
9:10 - Workshop 1 (Concurrent Sessions)
o   Drink Fish Swim: Water quality and how we protect it (Nancy Lawler & Ellen Kohler)
o   NJ Conservation Blueprint: How land land development trends can be used for effective conservation planning (John Hasse & Eric Olsen)
o   Advocating at the Municipal Level: Understanding Municipal Land Use Law (Elliott Ruga, Alex Ambrose, Chris Miller)  

10:10 - Visit Virtual Exhibits and Poster Displays

10:20 - Workshop 2 (Concurrent Sessions)
o   Volunteer monitoring: How to survey streams & build volunteer monitoring capacity (Juniper Leifer & Erin Stretz)
o   What the HABs is going on? (Dr Stephen Souza) 
o   Acting locally to protect your rivers (Alex Ambrose & Jennifer Coffey)

11:20 - Visit Virtual Exhibits

11:30 - Keynote: Climate Change Impacts & New Jersey’s Waters (Dr David Robinson)

12:15 - Wrap up conference (Julia Somers)






Hosted by

New Jersey Highlands Coalition

To protect, enhance and promote the vital water and other natural and cultural resources of the NJ Highlands for current & future generations.