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No-Code Business Acquired After 3 Weeks, Q&A w/ Louis Vieira

Louis Vieira founded a no-code ad intelligence tool and sold it in just 3 weeks. At this Q&A we'll discuss how he built, how to launch fast, and how you can build your own no-code startup.

This meetup will be recorded.

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Worldwide is an online meetup group for hackers, makers, and founders centered around live online meetups hosted 1-2 times a month.

What you'll find at Worldwide:

  • Passionate founders and indie hackers to bounce ideas off of.
  • Business partners, clients, and beta testers.
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  • A global network impossible to create if you only meet people in your own city.


"Coffee, exercise, and IH Worldwide are my tools for being a more productive indie hacker. Whenever I get stuck on something, I find helpful feedback and tips. It's a great community!"
- Marc Lavigne-Gagnon,

IndieHackers Worldwide is an excellent resource for bootstrapping your company! It's an amazing group of talented and experienced people who are helping each other in moving their businesses forward. I finish every session feeling energized and with insightful and actionable next steps
- Heliodor Jalba,

Indie hackers worldwide has been a fantastic experience for me... awesome to get feedback, get asked hard questions, and get that extra push to keep going.
- Dan Bogachek,

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Q&A w/ Louis Vieira

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