Neighborhood Economics: Healing our communities

An economy of rugged individualism is not Christian. And it’s killing us. From global health to racial justice to the survival of our planet, we can no longer pretend our decisions have no impact on our neighbors. In the words of Walter Brueggemann, the pharaoh wants us to pay attention to the protocols of purity, but Jesus calls us to pay attention to the protocols of neighborliness.

Thankfully, a new economy of interconnectedness is emerging that offers a better way:

  • Equity Funds where neighbors invest in local economy preservation
  • Credit unions linking black and white churches together creating intergenerational wealth across race and class
  • Early stage accelerators that are propelling faith based entrepreneurs to create assets in communities
  • Churches partnering with major grocery chains to eliminate food deserts and serving as anchor institutions for community revitalization
  • The church is rediscovering its role at the center of the community. When we focus on mission, not crisis, we see new opportunities and forge creative partnerships across sectors.

Join this community on Nov 17, two weeks after the election. Whatever the outcome we must chart a way forward.

Neighborhood Economics is the second of two events hosted by Faith+Finance. The first event, Church Economics: Remembering our mission, will be held October 8. The twin economic crises in the church and in the country have been laid bare in new ways this past year. Rather than viewing them as separate forces, Faith+Finance sees these crises as two sides of the same coin. And they share a common solution: It's time for the church to reclaim its mission. 

Both the October and November event will be anchored with keynote speakers and an engaging interactive workshop that provides a tool and framework for participants to use and apply in their own context., as well as dynamic panels of practitioners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

Registration costs are $45 for Church Economics and $95 for Neighborhood Economics. Or join our online community for a Prime Membership of $74.99 and get a discount code for both events and all other Faith+Finance offerings in 2020 free.


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