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My Private Brand Virtual Sustainability Summit

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The goal of the Summit is to ask questions and challenge existing answers – about sustainable packaging, ethical/equitable sourcing, and authentic marketing – and we are not the only curious ones. The first My Private Brand Sustainability Summit on October 15, is a day to find the answers that help you get closer to what “sustainable” means to you and your customers. And how it can create loyalty, differentiation, and profitability.

The conference will feature an exclusive lineup of the brightest retail executives and most influential sustainability leaders for a unique look into the pressing challenges, emerging trends, and significant opportunities sustainability presents for retailers and their brand.

The Roundtable discussions will give up to 9 people the opportunity to go live and talk about the topic, while up to 500 people can watch the discussion. 

In addition to the content, we have moved networking centerstage with Speed3 LIVE Networking: This is LIVE networking, and its fun! Meet new people and network with them by video. Shy? Or not sure who to talk with? Our connection discovery tool pairs people up in one-on-one conversations via live video for a three-minute conversation. If you'd like to continue the discussion, you can click the button to exchange email addresses, and then match up with another attendee!

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· Sessions
Help Desk
Any questions? Click here to talk to a live person
Laraine Durham
· Stage
Welcome and Making the most of the Virtual Summit
Christopher Durham
· Stage
The Opportunity for Ethically Sourcing Private Brand - BJ’s Wholesale Club
Scott will present a look at how the retailer approaches sustainable sourcing and the private brand supply chain.
Scott Williams
· Networking
Speed3 LIVE Networking
Meet summit attendees face to face over video in three-minute rounds of one-on-one networking.
· Sessions
RT: The Biggest hurdle? Internal Buy-in! - SOBEYS
Eli and Jason will moderate a discussion on private brand sustainability, focusing on internal buy-in challenges & opportunities.
Jason Hobson Eli Browne
· Sessions
RT: Evaluating the Social Impact of Private Brand
From Data to Impact: How Fair Trade partners with private brands to research, measure, and evaluate social impact.
Sarah Binion Priyanka Amin Kate Williams Andrea Bassetti
· Sessions
RT: What is a Private Brand's obligation in owning what they create?
This roundtable will explore both personal and corporate responsibilities for what retailers create and put into the world.
Katie Kelly-Landberg
· Stage
Ending Period Plastic – a Conversation with Environmentalist Ella Daish
U.K. environmentalist Ella Daish will discuss her campaign to eliminate period plastic. Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Superdrug have made the change!
Christopher Durham Ella Daish
· Networking
Lunch Break & Speed3 LIVE Networking
Take a break for lunch or meet attendees in our exclusive 3 minute speed networking
· Stage
Christopher Durham will moderate a conversation with retailers about the challenges and opportunities for sustainability in private brand today.
Steven Jennings Dan Rahi Seanna Rishor Christopher Durham
· Stage
Winning on Sustainability in the Age of Covid-19
The planet needs us to cure our addiction to single-use plastic. Is 'doing less harm’ enough? Learn how to make your private brand part of the solution.
Allan Dougall
· Sessions
RT: Making Imperfect Packaging Less Imperfect - IMPERFECT FOODS
David will discuss how small improvements in packaging can reduce waste. He will also look at how storytelling can be used to educate consumers.
David  Ziegler-Voll
· Sessions
RT: Partnering Together: Setting Mutual Sustainability Goals - BOXED
Brandon will moderate a discussion on how retailers and suppliers can work together to set and achieve private brand sustainability goals.
Brandon Wehmeyer
· Sessions
RT: Its not easy being Green
Maria Dubuc will lead a conversation about the shifting world and the challenges of sustainability for retailers and private brands in the age of COVID.
Maria Dubuc
· Stage
Consumer Perceptions and Sustainability’s Role in Our New Normal
Can packaging to do more than sell and deliver products? Is Sustainability one way for private brands to function in a more relevant, meaningful way?
Paul Nowak
· Networking
Speed3 LIVE Networking
Meet summit attendees face to face over video in three-minute rounds of one-on-one networking.
· Stage
Understanding Change, Engaging Your Suppliers and Saving Millions
David and Nicole will discuss the changing world of packaging. Understanding how retailers can act quickly and efficiently with suppliers to save millions.
Nicole Costantini David Taylor
· Stage
Toxic Chemicals in Packaging – Risks & Opportunities for Private Brand
Mike Schade
· Stage
Stories from the Field: Ethical Sourcing and Sustainable Supply Chains in the Age of Covid
Paul Rice from Fair Trade will talk about supply chain sustainability
Paul Rice Christopher Durham


Priyanka Amin

Fair Trade

Andrea Bassetti

Fair Trade

Kate Williams

Fair Trade

Nicole Costantini

Commercial Manager, Valpak

Sarah Binion

Sr. Director Impact, Research, and Learning, Fair Trade USA

Laraine Durham

VP of Marketing & Events, My Private Brand

David Taylor

Client Success Director, S4RB

Katie Kelly-Landberg

SVP of Account Leadership, Periscope

Steven Jennings

Stakeholder Relations & Brand Lead, Health & Sustainability, Giant

Allan Dougall

VP Strategy & Client Service, The Fish Agency

Eli Browne

Director, Corporate Sustainability, Sobeys

Jason Hobson

Creative Director, Private Label, Sobeys

Brandon Wehmeyer

Director of Private Brands, BOXED

Paul Rice


Ella Daish

Activist and Environmentalist

David Ziegler-Voll

Director of Creative Design, Imperfect Foods

Mike Schade

Mind the Store Campaign Director, Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

Paul Nowak

VP Enterprise Solutions, Quad

Dan Rahi

Head of Private Brand Execution & Design, FAMILY DOLLAR

Seanna Rishor

VP of Private Label, SOBEYS

Scott Williams

VP Own Brands & Quality, BJ'S WHOLESALE CLUB

Maria Dubuc

President, MBD

Christopher Durham

President, My Private Brand

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Folio28, LLC

Folio28, LLC is the media and event company which owns My Private Brand, the Velocity Conference and the Vertex Awards.

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