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Melbourne WebFest 2020

The eighth Annual Melbourne WebFest, held 4 September - 6 September 2020,

Join us for the eighth annual Melbourne WebFest as we celebrate storytelling and creative entrepreneurs. The festival honours innovative digital creators, cast and crew, presenting 25 awards to entrants and has featured series from 16 countries. 

Over the course of three days, experience the best in digital series entertainment from around the globe, in one convenient online location. Vote for your favourite series for their chance to win the Blackmagic Design Crowd Favourite Award - including a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K!

From industry panels, development workshops, talks, on demand web series streaming, networking opportunities and a live pitching competition with ABC iview, Melbourne WebFest 2020 is not to be missed.

Full series line up and program can be found at

If you purchase the free "Screening Pass" but would subsequently like to upgrade to a Festival Pass, please email [email protected].

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· Sessions
Welcome To Melbourne WebFest 2020
Join the WebFest 2020 team as we formally introduce you to our online event and look ahead to what you can expect in our program.
· Sessions
In Conversation with SBS On Demand: The Anatomy of an AVOD Platform
Pull back the curtain on the technology, user experience and content strategy of a major streaming platform.
Ramon Lobato Dianna Andrade Peter Andrews
· Sessions
Roundtable: Pathways - Levelling Up Your Career and Projects
Industry leaders share their tips and tricks to help you break through glass ceilings and become aware of the professional avenues available to you.
Julie Kalceff Luke Eve Kirsty Stark Ahmed Salama Enzo Tedeschi
· Networking
Speed Networking: Opening Night
Head to the Networking section of the festival and partake in randomly matched 5 minutes chats with other attendees. Who knows who you'll meet!
· Sessions
Group Networking: Opening Night Breakout Rooms
Join a group chat or listen in to attendees discuss or wind down from an opening day of WebFest goodness - deep into the night!
· Sessions
WebFest Forum
Start your day with a dose of WebFest goodness. Join open conversation with attendees and special guests, and look ahead to the day's program.
Sarah Bassiuoni Elliot Clifford Monica Kumar Jess  Murray Annie Louey Paul Moran
· Sessions
Roundtable: Identity in Writing & Multiplatform Storytelling
Explore how a writer’s identity needs to adapt and cater to different mediums and formats in order to reach their creative goals.
Grace Feng Cath Moore Diana Nguyen Laura Hudson Michelle Law
· Sessions
Masterclass with Cockatoo Co.Lab: How to Become a Creative Entrepreneur
This workshop asks you to think differently about your series design. Consider new ideas and approaches to get your idea from your head out into the world.
Bec Bignell
· Sessions
Panel: Producing Impactful Storytelling
Hear from online creators on how they approach their creative process to maximise their impact, raise awareness and enact change.
Eliza Reilly Patrick Kelly Rob Innes Vidad Narayan
· Sessions
Roundtable: Developing Your Story I - A Guide to Comedy
A group of development executives will explore their approaches to comedic storytelling to help finesse your craft with audience in mind.
· Sessions
In Conversation with Ludo Studio: Exploring the Ludo Development Process
Explore Ludo's identity and short form expertise using their production slate as case studies of their approach to development and distribution.
· Sessions
Panel: Approaching Alternative Formats and Emerging Platforms
Leading innovators in the web series space explain their approach to new formats and distribution platforms including Snap Originals, TikTok and Instagram.
Capucine Tavoillot Anna Barnes Jackson Lapsley Scott Michelle Melky Hayley Adams Lee Naimo
· Networking
Speed Networking: Saturday Night
Head to the Networking section of the festival and partake in randomly matched 5 minute chats with other attendees. Who knows who you'll meet!
· Sessions
Group Networking: Saturday Night Breakout Rooms
Join a group chat or listen in to attendees discuss or wind down from an second day of WebFest goodness - deep into the night!
· Sessions
WebFest Forum
Start your day with a dose of WebFest goodness. Join open conversation with attendees and special guests, and look ahead to the day's program.
Mikael Thiery
· Sessions
Panel: The Canadian Web Series Industry
Our panel of Canadian speakers explore the viability of the short form in Canada, innovations in approaches, as well as the opportunities that exist.
Samuel St-Pierre Dan Speerin Emilia King
· Sessions
Pitch iview 2020: Infinite Worlds
Our 5th ABC iview pitching contest. 20 contestants. 20 web series ideas. One Princess Pictures development mentorship up for grabs.
· Sessions
Group Networking: Post-Pitching Breakout Rooms
Unwind and discuss the pitches of the 2020 Pitch iview contest.
· Sessions
Panel: Purpose and Strategy with Changer Studios
Explore the theory and practice of how being in tune with the purpose of your project can help you produce the best online strategy.
Michael O'Neill Diana Nguyen Ant Mccormack Piera Forde
· Sessions
Workshop: Working with Screen Australia
Screen Australia will be running through incentives on offer for online content, including web series, VR/AR and post-COVID projects.
Alyce Adams Lee Naimo
· Sessions
Roundtable: Developing Your Story II - Broadening Your Lens
A panel of development executives will explore their approaches to storytelling to help finesse your craft with audience in mind.
Chris Thompson Taryne LAFFAR Li-Kim Chuah Stayci Taylor Tamasin Simpkin
· Networking
Speed Networking: Pre-Awards
Head to the Networking section of the festival and partake in randomly matched 5 minute chats with other attendees. Who knows who you'll meet!
· Sessions
Group Networking: Pre-Awards Breakout Rooms
Join your fellow community attendees to discuss the day's events and relax in anticipation of our awards night.
· Expo
Melbourne WebFest Awards Presentation 2020
Join us as we celebrate our 2020 selection and award the most outstanding web series with over 20 awards up for grabs.
· Sessions
Live Awards Acceptance 2020
Come join us as we invite the winners of the 2020 Melbourne WebFest Awards to share their camera for acceptance speeches and chats!
· Sessions
After Party Breakout Rooms
Celebrate the end of Melbourne WebFest 2020. Talk about the festival events or relax and unwind until the end of the event.


Maxime Pouliot

Director, The Florists

Emilia King

Founder, Pink Moon Studio || Researcher, Ryerson University

Dan Speerin

Strategic Advisor, Transmedia Zone, Ryerson University

Bec Bignell

Co-Founder, Cockatoo Co.Lab || Producer, 600 Bottles of Wine


Company Director, Pink Pepper || Producer, KGB

Julie Kalceff

Company Director, Common Language Films || Creator, Starting From Now, First Day

Chris Thompson

Founder, Four Leg Films

Li-Kim Chuah

Development Manager, ABC

Piera Forde

YouTuber || Actor/Creator, Nevernight

Monica Kumar

Actor/Writer, Carpark Clubbing

Elliot Clifford

Producer, Carpark Clubbing

Sarah Bassiuoni

Director, Carpark Clubbing

Lee Naimo

Senior Online Investment Manager, Screen Australia

Alyce Adams

Online Investment Manager, Screen Australia

Michelle Law

Actor/Writer, Homecoming Queens

Enzo Tedeschi

Founder, Deadhouse Films || Executive Producer, Pet Killer

Ahmed Salama

Creator, That Start Up Show

Peter Andrews

Head of Network Programming, SBS

Dianna Andrade

Head of Marketing & Content, SBS On Demand

Paul Moran

Producer, Moments of Clarity

Ant Mccormack

Co-Founder, Changer Studios

Vidad Narayan

Founder, Round 3 Films || 2020 Jury Member

Laura Hudson

Creator, Better Worlds || Writer, DMZ || Journalist || 2020 Jury Member (USA)

Kirsty Stark

Co-Founder, Epic Films || Development Producer, Matchbox Pictures

Tamasin Simpkin

Production Executive, Film Vic || Producer, Get Krack!n.

Diana Nguyen

Creative Entrepreneur || Actor/Creator, Phi and Me

Rob Innes

Creator, Youth On Strike! || Founder, Mashup Pictures

Hayley Adams

Producer/Director, Love Songs || Producer, Balloon Tree Productions

Michelle Melky

Producer/Director, Love Songs || Creative Producer, Amplify

Jackson Lapsley Scott

Producer, Retrograde, Apollo || Line Producer, Content

Luke Eve

Founder, More Sauce Productions || Creator, Cancelled, High Life

Annie Louey

Actor, Comedian || 2020 Jury Member

Cath Moore

Screenwriter, Academic & Author, Metal Fish, Falling Snow

Ramon Lobato

Author, Netflix Nations || Associate Professor, RMIT University

Anna Barnes

Writer, Content, Apollo, Retrograde

Michael O'Neill

Creator, Australia's Best Street Racer

Capucine Tavoillot

Director, Stu, My Name is Stu || Production Manager, Story Island (UK)

Patrick Kelly

Senior Lecturer, RMIT University || Filmmaker

Stayci Taylor

Lecturer, RMIT University || Screenwriter

Grace Feng

Creator, Girl, Interpreted

Eliza Reilly

Creator, Sheilas || Bikeshed Productions

Mikael Thiery

Co-Founder, Twisted Mirror || Co-Founder, London Short Series Festival (UK)

Jess Murray

Production Designer, Moments of Clarity

Samuel St-Pierre

Producer, Connecting... S2 || Project Manager, TV5 Unis (Canada)

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Melbourne WebFest

Melbourne WebFest is the biggest celebration of web series in Australia. In 2020, we enter our 8th year.

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Melbourne WebFest Awards Presentation 2020

Join us as we celebrate our 2020 selection and present over 20 awards to the most outstanding web series.

Principal Sponsor: Digital Pigeon

Digital Pigeon is a quick, convenient, and secure high-volume file sharing app.

Festival Sponsor: Blackmagic Design

Leading the Creative Video Revolution.

Festival Sponsor: Four Leg Films

Four Leg Films is an award-winning independent video production agency based in Sydney.

Festival Sponsor: Final Draft

For Writers of TV, Film, Plays and More

Adulthood S3 (CAN)

Follow the antics of one very large, very strange family.

Adulting (PER)

Adulting - to mimic the behaviour of real adults and trick people into thinking you are one.

After Forever S2 (USA)

Love changes.

After the Lockout (AUS)

What happens when a city's nightlife is brought to a halt?

Anomalie (DEU)

A young man investigates the mysterious disappearance of his parents.

Australia's Best Street Racer (AUS)

Taking life one block at a time.

Bananas (AUS)

Growing up between two cultures in Australia's Sunshine State.

Bible Writers' Room (AUS)

The sequel to The Old Testament is coming.

Biogenesis (AUS)

Meet radical artists redefining nature, the body and life itself through the genesis of unique living biological artwork.

Bondi Slayer (AUS)

Navigating men, booze and the undead can be tough.

Carpark Clubbing (AUS)

No cover charge, no bathrooms.

Connecting... S2 (CAN)

Connecting has never been easier... or has it?

Content (AUS)

Your life can get flipped upside down in an instant on the internet.

Cypher (CAN)

Talking about mental health is powerful - but singing about it is transcendent.

Dead End (ISR)

In a post-apocalyptic Jerusalem, two teenage siblings bicker their way through the search for their little brother.

Deluxe Motion S2 (CAN)

A stop motion series that is not going to make you a better person.

Density by Design (AUS)

Can good design change the great Australian dream?

Discontent (AUS)

Millennials = online dating, social media addictions and the love of their smartphones.

Dominos S2 (CAN)

In the second season we find the tortured souls of Dominos now trying to take charge of their lives and become better.

Drunk Movies (AUS)

Getting drunk and pitching movie ideas to actor Brett Climo...

Epic NPC Man (NZL)

It's hard being an NPC.

Exiliados (CAN)

An intimate look at leaving your home country to start a new life elsewhere.

Fairy Floss (AUS)

Follow housemates Jacob and Savanna interviewing for a room in their Coburg share house.

Forest League (BRA)

A musical series that teaches kids to care for humanity and the environment.

Forest of Light (BRA)

Helena decides to investigate the mysterious disappearances of young people from the community.

Genre Humaine S2 (FRA)

A girl like everyone else, anxious, frustrated, dithering all the time. Normal.

Girl, Interpreted (AUS)

A nervous Mandarin interpreter stuttering and stumbling through a series of hectic cultural misunderstanding.

Gorillaville (USA)

Follow these gorillas on their wacky adventures.

Help (AUS)

Exploring the pain of giving up addictive behaviours & the pressures we feel to constantly be improving ourselves.

Home Turf (CAN)

An unlikely sisterhood forms in a foster home for “problem” teenage girls.

Hospital Show (CAN)

It's a miracle!

Housing Unit (ARG)

In the intimacy of its characters is where the essence of each one really lies.

How Deadly (AUS)

Spiders can’t jump – or can they?

How to Buy a Baby S2 (CAN)

Because not everyone can make a baby the fun way.

I, Celebrity (BRA)

What would you do if you could get inside your head and access your past?

Italia Sicilia Gela (ITA)

Gela is a metaphor for the problems and potential of Sicily and all of Italy.


These two might just turn out to be KGB’s finest detectives.

La Panne (CAN)

How will these kids entertain themselves when the power goes out?

Like Me, Like a Joker S2 (ITA)

An old and dying Joker tells stories of Gotham's villains.

Loner (NZL)

Loner observes loneliness and reminds us that the only way things change, is through action.

Love Shop (SGP)

Alex inherits her parents matchmaking agency.

Meta Runner (AUS)

A world where video games are everything, cybernetically enhanced competitors known as ‘Meta Runners’ reign supreme.

Misadventures of a Pacific Professional (NZL)

The series centres on Alofa Williams - a young Pasifika woman climbing the corporate ladder

Moments of Clarity (AUS)

A sweet yet dark animated comedy series about a neurotic bearded man, and his wise little dog.

Nevernight (AUS)

Never flinch. Never fear. Never forget.

Nurry Brothers Adventure World (AUS)

Blake inherits his Grandfather's outdated holiday theme park in rural Australia.

One Woman (ISR)

Women talking openly about their sexuality via one actress.

Pandas Don't Cry (DEU)

7 city kids get the unique chance to a fresh start on a therapy farm.

Paramedics SUV (AUS)

In witness protection, a couple commit to their new identities as paramedics, despite having zero training.

Pet Killer (AUS)

Say goodbye to your little friends.

Phi and Me (AUS)

It’s tough love - the Viet Way.

Public Writer S3 (CAN)

Mathieu is a public writer in a poor neighbourhood of Montreal.

Pull My Finger (AUS)

Pull daddy's fingie son.

Right Now (GBR)

Enter a world of gay online hook ups.

Robbie Hood (AUS)

Robbie and his mates are a notorious band of misfits who skirt the law to right the wrongs they see going down in Alice.

Section, Marche! (CHE)

Dive into the Colombier Infantry Recruit School (Switzerland), and meet a group of soldiers and their officers.

Sex & Death (AUS)

When betrayal and heartache strike an amateur actress, pretending to be normal will be her greatest performance.

Sheilas (AUS)

Celebrating the most badass women of Australian History.

Slippers (CHE)

Two sneaker addicts attempt to pull off a sneaker heist.

Slug Seeks Shell (USA)

Bullied banana slug Deb leaves the garden to search the seashore for a shell

Stu, My Name is Stu (GBR)

Get to know Stu, beyond his instagram stories.

Supertramps (AUS)

It's five Sydney slackers against the world in the sitcom that dared to do nothing!

Sworn Frenemies (USA)

Keep your enemies close.

The Art of Making Art (AUS)

Celebrating the designers who have worked with Melbourne based, Sondheim repertory theatre company Watch This.

The Boy in the Blue Cap (AUS)

A look at the second largest unsolved case in WA Police history.

The Common Thread (AUS)

A journey across the landscape of mental health in young Australians.

The Florists (CAN)

Aspiring comedian Walid agrees to work for his uncle, a renowned florist with questionable sales techniques.

The Last Youtuber (URU)

Will they survive?

The Multiverse At 13 Hill Ave (SGP)

What if you could meet yourself across the multiverse?

The Rule of Three (CAN)

A couple handle their break up and a new baby in a way you have never seen before.

The Square Root (USA)

The Square Root explores memory and the small moments that make us who we are.

Undergarment Odysseys (AUS)

A satire about sexual health.

Uplift (AUS)

What's the strangest thing that can happen in a lift?

W. (LUX)

Who am I?

We are Einsteins (CHE)

Relationship drama and fights between flatmates are turned into grand scientific experiments.

Welfare (AUS)

In Welfare, no-one really gets what they deserve.

Who Killed Lucy the Poodle? (NZL)

A true story that shook a lakefront, small town in New Zealand.

William Explains (AUS)

Explore the subtle and nefarious use of "anchoring" in everyday life.

Without A Tracey (AUS)

Still waters run somewhere.

Youth on Strike! (AUS)

Young Aussies defied calls to stay in school and organised one of the largest youth-led movements Australia has ever seen.