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Today, Bolt is the leading European on-demand transportation platform with more than 30 million passengers in over 35 countries globally. They have - wait for it - 750k drivers :)

It was the first global transportation platform to bring scooter sharing & ride-hailing together in one mobile app in 2018. They started to address food (which is convenient with a fleet like theirs) & offset their carbon footprint. Started in 2013, the company is today a unicorn which raised more than €215m in total.

Martin Villig is Bolt’s co-founder. He has been an entrepreneur for 20 years, and started and sold his first startup in 1998-1999. He has previously held management positions at Skype, Fortumo and NASDAQ Tallinn Stock Exchange. He is a leading figure in the Estonian startup community, having co-founded Estonian Startup Leaders Club, Garage48 Foundation and a €1m foundation to kick-start new education initiatives in Estonia.

He’ll be interviewed by our very own CEO, Alice. The goal of the conversation will be to understand his vision of entrepreneurship, how he came to start this particular company with his brother, their cofounder relationship, what makes Estonia such a prolific place for startups & basically where are they heading with Bolt.

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