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Managing a Shift in the Risk-Return Relationship: Cash Management & Fixed Income

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Join investment specialist Greg Easton as he explores the impact the global pandemic has had on Cash and Fixed Income as asset classes. Returns have been impaired whilst the associated risks have increased, but what does this mean for trustees?

Part 1: Cash Management 
Liquidity is more important than ever in volatile market conditions, but should trustees accept a return of zero?

In the first part of the webinar, Greg will be discussing:
  • current cash management solutions and the rates that can be achieved;
  • the options available to diversify counterparty risk;
  • the health of financial institutions in the US, Europe and Asia; and
  • the possible direction of travel for the current low interest rates.
Part 2: Fixed Income  
One of the most challenging scenarios is within fixed income where we have seen some dramatic shifts in yields and credit ratings. 
The second part of our webinar will explore: 
  • credit-rating downgrades;
  • the boundaries and distinctions between investment grade bonds and junk; and
  • the pursuit of rate hunting and the knowledge of bond markets required. 
Finally, in our open mic Q&A session we will be joined by Capital's Chief Investment Officer, David Long. Here we will be discussing the level of risk trustees should be willing to take for a marginal increase in returns and will consider realistic expectations for returns from cash and fixed income asset classes.

We hope you can join us for what is set to be a great event. To find out more about Capital International Group please click here.
Greg Easton - In his role at Capital International Group, Business Development Manager Greg works closely with trustees and institutional clients to establish suitable investment solutions. Greg has specialised experience in providing quantitative and qualitative analysis of assets and portfolios. In 2017, Greg spoke on the difference between risk and volatility at the STEP Caribbean Conference and has a continued professional interest in tail risk events and the economic history of financial markets.  



Gregory Easton

Investment Specialist

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