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Memphis Art + Design Week, “A Festival Of Art in the Grind City.”


Your ticket is your passport to Memphis Art + Design Week and includes:

(1) Subscription to MAD Week email reminders with a daily schedule of events happening around Memphis.
(2) Tickets for entry to the Thursday-Saturday MAD Week Virtual Summit events held on HOPIN.

Memphis Art + Design Week, “A Festival of Art in the Grind city.”

Memphis Art + Design (MAD) Week in its inaugural year celebrates creative talents across disciplines while showcasing the exciting culture and philosophy of Memphis. Whether you're in the local or international space, public or private domain, MAD Week is open to everyone. It embraces culture, entertainment, and education - its engagement extends across multiple disciplines, ranging from fine and visual art to product design, architecture, urban planning to graphic design.

Memphis Art + Design Week is proud to recognize and honor functional processes, innovative ideas, transformative solutions, and uplifting leadership evident in the Memphis creative communities. This week-long event features a series of exhibitions, interviews, workshops, tours, and many other fun activities - However, due to COVID-19, it will be hosted online across social media platforms, including HopIn. Be sure to grab a ticket to gain access to all the events happening.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this grand celebration of Memphis and her art. Register now! 

View the full schedule

The full MAD Week agenda can be found on the Sched website or app . Once on the app or website, join the event, browse the sessions and speakers, and start building your schedule by registering for sessions. The Sched app will be updated with new sessions on a rolling basis, so be sure to check back regularly. 

Memphis Art + Design Week has more than 50 virtual sessions and events over the course of seven days. By registering on this page for Memphis Art + Design Week, you will have access to attend all sessions, special events, and summits. This page is where you will go to live-stream events listed as Virtual Summit on Thursday, October 8-Saturday, October 10th. 

For Summit Agenda (below)

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· Networking
"Hey, Mane!": Networking Hangout
· Expo
Different Approach to Design for Democracy
· Networking
For Artists: Gallery-Curator Networking Session
· Stage
Snack Break: Music Set with Bailey Biggers
· Sessions
Fueling Socially-Responsive Artistic ExperiencesVirtual Summit
· Stage
Cour Design Presents: Innovating Music & Aesthetics
· Sessions
Protecting your Work
· Sessions
Advocacy and Activism through Art
· Stage
The Graphic Vernacular of American Politics
· Stage
Beyond Materials: The Mind of Niek Pulles
· Expo
"Hey Mane!": Networking for Artists and Collectors
· Stage
Snack Break: Music Set with CxffeeBlack
· Stage
Deconstructing Sound & Vision: Album Art
· Stage
Finding The Right Match: Writers and Illustrators Virtual Summit


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