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LLLIFE Meet-up | World Sickle Cell Day

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On #worldsicklecellday 🌐 19th of June we’re hosting LLLIFE | ON-BALANCE. Our first virtual meet-up with talks that inspire ways to keep balance in these times.

Our speakers are ready to share their ideas on how keep balance in #sicklecelllife these days. From managing the mind with positivity to figuring out healthy nutrition, building network skills and sharpening your X-ray vision on racial bias in the medical world. We got you. And if that's not enough. During the breaks and after the event you get the chance to share your own experiences and ways to keep balance with other online viewers. Up for it? Sign-up here and share the event on social media with everyone that could use some balance right now. #lllifemeetup2020 #onbalance #worldsicklecellday

Friday the 19th of June | Amsterdam 19.00 CEST | Accra 17.00 GMT | Dubai 21.00 GMT | Istanbul 20.00 GMT | London 18.00 GMT | New Dehli 22.30 GMT | New York 13.00 EDT | Niger 18.00 GMT | Paramaribo 14.00 UTC | Willemstad 13.00 UTC ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣For more times check


βš– 19:00 | Welcome
Founder Chantelle Rodgers and ambassador Kelvin Vrede

πŸ—£ Talk 1 | Dr. Debaun
'Racial bias in the medical world'
Founding director of Vanderbilt Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease

⏰ Break | 5 min

πŸ—£ Talk 2 | Cassandra Trimnell
'Building a strong sickle cell community'
Founder of Sickle Cell 101

πŸ—£ Talk 3 | Chris Abdullahi

'Managing sickle cell disease with positivity'
Co-founder of Sound of Sickle Cell

⏰ Break | 5 min

πŸ—£ Talk 4 | Tamika Moseley
'Natural healing and nutrition'
Writer of Sickle Cell Natural Healing 

βš– 21:00 | Wrap-up + Network opportunity
Founder Chantelle Rodgers and ambassador Kelvin Vrede

IXL is working on a world where everyone knows the impact of sickle cell disease β€” so that everyone living with it, carriers and loved ones feel more free and empowered in their daily lives. To get there β€” we host events, develop tools and offer programs that make it easier to understand and live with sickle cell disease.

Note! Due to global sickle cell day, this edition is in English. For the next meet-up we are looking for inspiring Dutch speakers. Tips? Let us know.


Chantelle Rodgers


Asma El-Fassi


Kelvin Vrede


Cassandra Trimnell


Tamika Moseley


Chris Abdullahi


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IXL Sickle Cell Awareness

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πŸ—£Tamika Moseley

Natural healing and nutrition

πŸ—£ Dr. Debaun

Racial bias in the medical world

πŸ—£ Chris Abdullahi

Managing sickle cell disease with positivity

πŸ—£ Cassandra Trimnell

Building a strong sickle cell community