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Life is Living 2020

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Life is Living


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Toss and Throws

This is not your average home decorating.

SharpeCookie GH

One of a kind African print clothing and accessories


Raising vibration with the healing qualities of nature and the power within.

Exotic Linx

Hand created jewelry, accessories and gemstones.

The Healing Place Apothecary

Botanical formulations for face and body rooted in holistic principals from Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Town Biz Oakland

Oakland Culture & Social Justice

The Lemonade Bar

We are The Lemonade Bar and we specialize in fresh squeezed handcrafted lemonades and organic handcrafted frozen lemonades.


Cannabis, health and wellness.

Women of The Black Panther Party Mural

Clothing and merchandise for purcchase

Oakland Black Business Fund

We provide grants and investment funding to Black owned businesses.