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Leaving no one behind - Employment, upskilling and social inclusion in the changing world of work

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The ‘Digital Road to Mannheim’ (#Roadmap) consists of 8 fully digitized online events. Each roadmap event focusses on a specific topic and aims to connect different Social Economy actors in Europe in a highly interactive format, present best practices and use cases as well as provide first-hand insights in interactive sessions from changemakers all around Europe. The #Roadmap strengthen the social economy in Europe and harness its contribution to economic development, social inclusion as well as green and digital transitions.

More information about the programme and the sessions can be found at

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· Stage
Welcome & Mindfulness Exercise
Live from Mannheim
Björn Pospiech Manuel Kreitmeir Marika Bernhard
· Stage
Enjoy our inspiring keynote by Iñigo Ucín, the President of Mondragon!
· Sessions
Parallel Sessions & Insights
Visit our parallel insight sessions and panel discussions!
Sébastien Baguerey Teo Petricevic Uta Deutschländer SAMUEL BARCO (SPAIN) Alina Pavicevac MIODRAG NEDELJKOVIC Sergiu Gurau DRION Dany
· Stage
Main Panel: Presenting results from the sessions
Quick wrap up on the result from the sessions!
Manuel Kreitmeir Marika Bernhard
· Expo
Social Economy Diaries: Tutorial and practical exercise
Join us for a demo session on Social Economy Diaries. Via the Diaries we are collecting authentic stories of social economy stakeholders.
Zuzana Dutkova
· Stage
Get energized after lunch break!
Björn Pospiech
· Stage
Enjoy our inspiring keynote “Future of Work & Inner Work in Impact Organizations” by Joana Breidenbach!
· Sessions
Parallel Workshops
Visit our parallel workshop sessions!
Katharina Krentz Sarah de Heusch giuseppe guerini Sven Bartilsson Marta  Bruschi
· Stage
Main Panel: Discussion with EU officials
Quick wrap up on the result from the workshops!
Slawomir TOKARSKI Manuela Geleng


Björn Pospiech

Mindfulness Coach - Strong People Institute

Hans-Gerd Nottenbohm

Management Board - innova eG

Marika Bernhard

Chairwoman - Social Entrepreneurship BW

Manuela Geleng

Director – DG EMPL - European Commission


Vice-President - EuCIE – European Confederation of Inclusive Enterprises

Sergiu Gurau

Director - Eco-Razeni


Executive Director - Initiative for Development and Cooperation – Serbia

Alina Pavicevac

Project and Policy Officer - Federation of European Social Employers

Marta Bruschi

Senior Expert Network and Community Engagement - Diesis Network

Sven Bartilsson

Senior Advisor - Coompanion

giuseppe guerini

President - Cecop-Cicopa Europe


Social Entrepreneurship Expert - Diesis Network

Uta Deutschländer

Vice-President - EuCIE – European Confederation of Inclusive Enterprises

Teo Petricevic

Vice-President - ENSIE – European Network of Social Integration Enterprises

Zuzana Dutkova

Policy Officer - DG GROW – European Commission

Sarah de Heusch

Project officer for the development & strategy unit - SMart

Crstian Rovira

President - EuCIE – European Confederation of Inclusive Enterprises

Katharina Krentz

Guide, Consultant & Coach for NewWork, Networks & Working Out Loud - Connecting Humans & Robert Bosch GmbH

Sébastien Baguerey

Advocacy and Policy Advisor - EuCIE – European Confederation of Inclusive Enterprises


Director – DG GROW - European Commission

Manuel Kreitmeir

Chairman - Social Entrepreneurship BW


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European Social Economy Summit

The #EUSES is a conference which aims at strengthening the social economy in Europe.

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Social Economy Diaries demo session