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Leadership & Self-Awareness: A conversation with Lauren Cartigny

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This week we are thrilled to welcome Lauren Cartigny. Lauren is a Leadership Coach and Process Communication Trainer whose mission is to raise consciousness in the workplace so professionals can lead more productive and healthier lives. Her vision is for every leader to have access to a safe space to develop professionally and personally. 
Lauren takes an internal dimension to leadership development by focusing on Leaders’ own personal development which directly translates into business impact. She refers to this as Self-Science and believes it is key to develop relational intelligence. She believes to transform a team, a leader needs to transform himself first because people do what you do, not what you say. How you show up for your team, will directly impact how they show up for you. So, to bring out the best in your team, Lauren believes you need to bring out the best in you first. 
Founders and Leaders can benefit a lot from understanding themselves because their way of being will translate into the culture of their company.  By being aware of their strengths and  stress sequences they can better decide how to surround themselves when they hire talent and manage people to get the best from their team.
Her corporate experience is built on a 13 years successful international career in Tech Sales, working for hypergrowth scale up businesses with people first cultures like Rackspace, Equinix and LinkedIn. As a consistent top performer, she closed a £10M deal by the age of 30. 
Following her own transformation to become an ICF business coach, an NLP Practitioner and a Process Communication Trainer, Lauren blends these competencies with Gestalt psychology to increase your self-awareness so you can adapt your leadership style and communication fast to create stronger relationships for high performing virtual teams.  
Join us for this episode where we will dive into Lauren's background and career. Lauren with share insights into how self-awareness is the new superpower for leaders to navigate this new remote working reality. She will also talk about the Process Communication Model and how different personality traits impact our motivation, stress behaviour and much more! This is set to be an eye-opening and exciting discussion, we can't wait to see you there.  

Thanks again for tuning in and we hope you enjoy!


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