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KUKA Nordic General Industry web expo

91 people attended

A virtually exiting day with presentations and online booths for the General Industry

A series of presentations and virtual booths containing all you need to know for your robot projects. 


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Time for login, browse our content and plan your visit
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Opening speech and introduction
A geniune welcome and a short introduction to our online event
Micael Amandusson
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KUKA General Industry World
KUKA in the world and the robotic market in general
Joacim  Lorentsson
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my.KUKA for customers
Your tool for the latest information and asset administration
Micael Amandusson
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KUKA Product Range
With introduction of our new midsize robotseries; KR IONTEC
Kimmo Kymäläinen
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Standard Production Cells
cell4_production: a new range of standard cells for a variety of applications
Tomas Rudolfsson
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Coming Products
A selection of new and coming products from KUKA
Andreas Verga
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Simulation Software
KUKA.Sim, state of the art simulation software. How to apply a simulation software in the whole organization
Micael Amandusson
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Mobile Platforms
KUKA mobile platforms simple and easy
Lars  Cardemar
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Sum up & Questions
A sum up of this event and time for your questions
Joacim  Lorentsson
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Expo open time
Take the oppurtunity to browse our content and network with attendees


Tomas Rudolfsson

Key Account Manager

Lars Cardemar

Area Sales Manager

Kimmo Kymäläinen

Country Manager

Andreas Verga

Technical Sales Support Manager

Jonas Glimdén


Joacim Lorentsson

Sales Manager KUKA Nordic

Micael Amandusson

Channel Manager

The event is over

Hosted by

KUKA Nordic AB

KUKA offers industrial robots in a wide range of versions with various payload capacities and reaches.

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KUKA Awards

The awards of the year

Mobile Platforms

KUKA Mobile Platforms, Mr Lars Cardemar

Standard Production Cells

Cell4-production, Mr Tomas Rudolfsson

Visual Components

3D Manufacturing Simulation

The new IONTEC

A new generation om medium payload robots. Mr Kimmo Kymäläinen

Linear Robots

A new series of linear robots, Mr Kim Reeslev

Customer Service

What can customer service offer you? Mr Emanuel Hauptmann

New Controller

KR C5 micro, Mr Martin Bunk

Virtual Commisioning

How to use a digital model, Ms elin Hybert and Mr Micael Amandusson


The new Robot in the AGILUS series


Robots for the low payload


New generation in the medium payload


Robots for the high payload

KR 80L

Linear robots

Teach in


Battery production

Flexible, Efficient and safe

QRS application example

One of the first KMP-1500 installed in Scandinavia!

Axelent application with KMP-1500

Axelent has created a fully flexible production cell adapted to batches of 1 unit without the need of complex conveying systems