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IPRS2020Virtual | Opening

The time is now to fundamentally re-shape the Corporate Communication Officer relationship with the CEO and other senior management through a more data-oriented, multi-disciplined approach to lead to new alternatives and strategies to achieve organizational excellence. 


Shaping the Power of Strategic Communication in
Coping with the Impact of Digital Technology Post Pandemic  

This theme is explored in 4 sub-themes:
  • Global Dynamics in Political, Economical and Social in Digital Era 
  • The Changing Landscape of Asian Economy Post Pandemic 
  • Shaping the power of Strategic Communication in Digital Era 
  • Securing Business through Reputation, Engagement and Trust

This year, IPRS aimed to explore challenges and opportunities post pandemic, sharing new trends, ideas and experiences from different country perspectives to create global understanding while giving more appreciation to new values, and exploring CCO new challenges as the integrator to maintain corporate reputation and public trust. 

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Opening Video
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Opening Remark
Erika Ananto, MM - Conference Coordinator, The International Public Relations Summit
· Stage
Opening Speech
Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, Ph.D, FIPRA - Founder, The International Public Relations Summit
· Stage
Welcoming Speech from PERHUMAS Indonesia
Agung Laksamana, MSc, IAPR – Chairman, PERHUMAS Indonesia
· Stage
Welcoming Remark from Global Alliance
Justin Green – President, Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, Ireland
· Stage
Welcoming Remark from International Public Relations Research Conference
Don W. Stacks, Ph.D – CEO, International Public Relations Research Conference, USA
· Stage
Gold Paper PR Indonesia II (2020)
Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, Ph.D, FIPRA - Program Director, MM Communication Trisakti University, Indonesia


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IPRS was initiated in Indonesia by EGA briefings as a strategic meeting for public relations professionals and academia.

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