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IndieBeers Happy Hour // October 2020

22 people attending
IndieBeers is London's #1 Indie Hackers pub meetup, currently remote due to COVID-19. We exist to remove friction from London bootstrappers meeting, exchanging ideas and supporting each other.

This month's Happy Hour
From 6pm-7pm (GMT) you can join our 1:1 networking sessions. Jump into 7 minute, randomised 1:1 video calls with other Indie Hackers. We're experimenting with just doing this rather than Roast My Product this month, to make it easier to meet others. Let us know your feedback after.

Grab your drink and get involved.

About Indie London:
Indie London is London's #1 Indie Hackers community. We run meetups like IndieBeers and Indie London, with a vision to make London the world's best city to start and grow a bootstrapped business. We also have a weekend accountability community called Weekend Club, join us for a 30 day free trial. (Also coming soon - Remote Part Time Jobs).

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Indie London

London's #1 Indie Hackers community.

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