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Indie Takeover, Q&A w/ Indie Worldwide Founder Anthony Castrio

35 people attended
Anthony is a remote maker, 5x shipper, and the founder of and Indie Worldwide. At this event we'll be turning the camera around on Anthony and asking him about the founding of Indie Worldwide.

Worldwide is an online meetup group for hackers, makers, and founders centered around live online meetups hosted 1-2 times a month.

What you'll find at Worldwide:

  • Passionate founders and indie hackers to bounce ideas off of.
  • Business partners, clients, and beta testers.
  • Motivation and support from people going through the same journey.
  • A global network impossible to create if you only meet people in your own city.


"Coffee, exercise, and IH Worldwide are my tools for being a more productive indie hacker. Whenever I get stuck on something, I find helpful feedback and tips. It's a great community!"
- Marc Lavigne-Gagnon,

IndieHackers Worldwide is an excellent resource for bootstrapping your company! It's an amazing group of talented and experienced people who are helping each other in moving their businesses forward. I finish every session feeling energized and with insightful and actionable next steps
- Heliodor Jalba,

Indie hackers worldwide has been a fantastic experience for me... awesome to get feedback, get asked hard questions, and get that extra push to keep going.
- Dan Bogachek,

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See you there 🌎🌍🌏


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