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IFC Online 2020

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Wrikdev Sarkar

Fundraising Director, Greenpeace Southeast Asia

Giancarla Pancione

Fundraising and Marketing Director, Save the Children Italy

Grant Leboff

CEO, Sticky Marketing Club

Michelle Chambers

Managing Director, THINK Consulting Solutions

Jindy Pal

Senior Consultant, THINK Consulting Solutions

Roatchana (Nui) Sungthong

Country Director, World Animal Protection

Maeve Strathy

Senior Fundraising Strategist, Blakely Inc.

Alain McKinlay Tilgner

Fundraising Coordinator, Ottawa Food Bank

Alfredo Carlo

Designer, Housatonic

Kerren Morris

Strategy Director, IVE Group

Sebastian Grodd

Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Life Flight

Dana Segal

Senior Partner Consultant, =mc consulting

Catherine Deakin

Director of Fundraising & Communications at Changing Faces

Jonathan Andrews

Managing Director, Remarkable Partnerships

Paul Boag

Conversion Rate Specialist, Boagworks Ltd

Hanna Henshall

Director & Co-Founder, If Not Now

Saleem Tejani

Head of Digital, DTV Group

Anita Gallagher

Training Lead, HIPGive, Hispanics in Philanthropy

Marta Lobo

Global Supporter Engagement Specialist, Amnesty International

Elizabeth (Liz) Ngonzi

Founder / Executive Director, The International Social Impact Institute, City University of New York

Alex Lloyd Hunter

Co-Executive Director, Forward Action

Junueth Mejia

HIPGive Manager, Hispanics in Philanthropy

Christoffer Holm

Global Director Fundraising Support, Amnesty International

Valeriia Voshchevska

Acting Global Head of Digital Engagement, Amnesty International

Neil Spivack

President, Up Fundraising

Khaled Khalifa

Senior Advisor & Representative to the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, UNHCR

Houssam Chahin

Head of Private Sector Partnerships – MENA, UNHCR

Abhishek Sharma

Partner, Oliver Wyman

Elsbeth de Ridder

Global F2F Specialist, Save the Children International

Bruno da Silva Machado

Head of Fundraising Mexico (interim) & Sponsor of International F2F Working Group, Medecins Sans Frontieres

Beth Kanter

Speaker, Author, Virtual Facilitator and Trainer at

Ambika Satkunanathan

Chairperson, Neelan Tiruchelvam Trust

Jenny Hodgson

Executive Director, Global Fund for Community Foundations

Kirsty McNeill

Executive Director for Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns, Save The Children

Nana Afadzinu

Executive Director, West Africa Civil Society Institute

Niduk D'souza

Vice President Strategy & Marketing, Up Fundraising

Elsa Stathopoulou

Communication & Fundraising Director, SOS Children’s Villages Greece

thanos belalidis

Director Sustainability Implementation & Communication, Sympraxis Team

Bruno Benjamim

Individual Giving Lead, ActionAid

Peter Pomeranzev

Visiting Senior Fellow, Institute of Global Affairs, London School of Economics

Colette St-Onge

Head of Campaigns and Digital, Reprieve

Rory Stamp

Strategic Content Manager, RNLI

William Van Gordon

Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology, University of Derby

Kumi Naidoo

Global Ambassador, Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity

Danny Sriskandarajah

CEO, Oxfam GB

Gill Marshall

Global F2F Fundraising Specialist, Amnesty International

Marcus Missen

Director of Communications and Fundraising, WaterAid

Janaya Khan

Storyteller, Futurist, Activist

Barbara Nöst

CEO, Zambian Governance Foundation for Civil Society

Natasha Chaudhary

Co-Director, Haiyya

Ellen Janssens

Innovation Camp

Rob Shaw

Fundraising & Management Consultant, =mc consulting

Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Founder of Grameen Bank

Ingrid Srinath

Director, Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy at Ashoka University

Elena Mejía Julca

Activist, Foro Juvenil de Izquierda

Allison Fine

Founder/CEO, Network of Elected Women

Jayne George

Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Media, RNLI

Wolfgang Jamann

Executive Director, International Civil Society Centre

Millicent Ayaba

Assistant Project Officer, Youth Harvest Foundation

Michael Johnston

President and Founder, hjc

Madhuresh Kumar

National Convener, National Alliance of People's Movements

Mariana Chammas


Joao Paulo Vergueiro


Sisan Bove


Markel R. Méndez H.


Rachael Mayo

Global Digital Campaigner, Amnesty International

Adwoa Aboah

Activist, Model and Founder of Gurls Talk podcast

Fiona McPhee

Director, Fiona McPhee Ltd


IFC Advisory Panel Member

Richard Turner

IFC Advisory Panel Member

Colin Habberton

Founder, Relativ Group

Sophia Story

Co-Founder, 3 Sided Cube

Brian Higgins

Incoming CEO, The Resource Alliance

Sonya Swiridjuk


Martin Georgi


Ruth Wagner


Herbert Witschnig


Natasha Alexander

Head of Brazil Fundraising Unit, UNHCR

Sarah Scarth

Resource Alliance

Kelvin Glen


Henk Smit


Carys Afoko

Co-Founder, Level-Up

Michael Silberman

Global Director, Mobilisation Lab

Masana Ndinga-Kanga

Crisis Response Fund Lead, CIVICUS

Sophia 'Puff' Story

Co-Founder, 3 Sided Cube

Wendy Ekels


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On-Demand Videos


The rise of misinformation and populism - Peter Pomerantsev


Is our sector facing an existential crisis?


Crisis & change: Weathering the storm - RNLI


IWITOT (I Wish I'd Thought Of That)


The possibilities of people power - Janaya "Future" Khan


Can NGOs and social movements be authentic allies?


Building a better tomorrow - Professor Muhammad Yunus



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Activism, people power and digital innovation

Valeriia Voshchevska, Rachael Mayo & Marta Lobo

Agile fundraising strategy: How to thrive in changing times!

Kerren Morris & Sebastian Grodd

Digital strategies to attract funders in a time of crisis

Elizabeth (Liz) Ngonzi

Diversifying your fundraising portfolio

Michelle Chambers, Jindy Pal, Giancarla Pancione, Wrikdev Sarkar & Nui Sungthong

Five key learnings from fundraising through a crisis

Fiona (Fi) McPhee

From cause marketing to making good partnerships in the COVID-era

Thanos Belalidis & Elsa Stathopoulou

Fulfil your crowdfunding potential

Anita Gallagher & Junueth Mejía

How can NGOs effectively support youth-led groups and movements?

Natasha Chaudhary, Elena Mejía & Millicent Ayaba

How to become a one-to-one storytelling organisation using video

Niduk D’Souza, Mike Johnston, Christoffer Holm & Neil Spivack

How video can recruit donors to accelerate your fundraising programme

Saleem Tejani

Innovation in a pandemic: Your digital-first donor experience

Maeve Strathy & Alain McKinlay Tilgner

Islamic Philanthropy as a global force for change

Khaled Khalifa & Houssam Chahin

Mindfulness: A path to mental health and wellbeing

Dr William Van Gordon

Partnership opportunities in the pandemic

Catherine Deakin & Jonathan Andrews

Raising money online through supporter mobilisation and movement building

Alex Lloyd-Hunter & Colette St-Onge

Shaping the new normal: Changing working practices for good

Abhishek Sharma

Taking digital fundraising to the next level

Paul Boag

The Case for Support Playbook

Dana Segal & Rob Shaw

The cube – influencing systems for change

Alfredo Carlo

The future of F2F

Elsbeth de Ridder, Bruno da Silva Machado & Gill Marshall

The future of giving: Unlocking generosity with artificial intelligence

Beth Kanter & Allison Fine

The next normal – being relevant in a post-COVID world

Grant Leboff

The power of art in digital activism

Hanna Henshall

Using Chatbots to generate engagement – an accelerated path to fundraising

Natasha Alexander & Bruno Farias Benjamim

From the bbcon stage:

Resilient nonprofits navigating 2021 together