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Hybrid Bootcamp - Changing working practices for good !


A new way to prepare your company and your team to perform in the complex situation where are currently facing.

The COVID-19 crisis creates budget pressures for enterprises across the globe. Leaders must balance short-term cost cutting while enabling long-term growth.

One day without bullshit, a cross-functional panel of experts that share in 45 minutes what they have learned from this unpredictable experience. Interactive talks, workshops and demos where you discover new ways your organization can take now and later to handle the impact of the pandemic and set yourself up for success as we enter the “new normal.”

This edition is focused on answering to 3 main questions :

  • How to help your team to keep performing ?
  • How to increase engagement with your clients and partners ?
  • How to save money and reduce your environmental impact ?

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· Stage
Secret Keynote
Claire GORISSE Alex Philippot
· Stage
Innovative Ideas for Leading a More Productive Team
Discover new ways to effectively lead and grow as a team while working
Tristan Rigendinger Claire GORISSE
· Sessions
Changing the culture of interacting
Pragmatic hints & tips for virtual meetings
Tristan Rigendinger
· Stage
New ways to increase your clients and partners engagement
High-quality products initially attract customers; relevant content is what keeps them around.
Phil Jeudy Alex Philippot Issa Jouaneh Matthieu Vermeulen
· Sessions
How to engage and transform new prospects into new clients
Discover new ways to effectively get new prospects
Alex Philippot
· Networking
Networking session
Meet & Discuss with your peers
· Stage
New ways to save money and reduce your environmental impact
Alexander Clausen Michelle  Cross Philippe Lévêque Claire GORISSE
· Sessions
How to reduce your environmental impact
Julia Kadish Michelle  Cross
· Stage
Resume of what we have learned and next steps ….
Alex Philippot Claire GORISSE


Julia Kadish


Paul Boulch

CEO of Planet Soar

Alexander Clausen

CEO of Pvstream


Ice breaker

Philippe Lévêque

Founder Mon Atelier Ecofrugal

Jim McNeill

Polar Explorer

Michelle Cross

Head of International Business Development at Planet Soar

Matthieu Vermeulen

Marketing Strategy Consultant, E-commerce

Issa Jouaneh

Founder Elevadas Inc.

Arnaud Collery

Happiness and Resilience

Tristan Rigendinger

Making together

Alex Philippot

Help organizations to create unique virtual experiences

Phil Jeudy

I advise organizations how to uplift their leadership by a better adoption of technology in their operations

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