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How to create better neighbourhoods: Rotterdam edition

155 people attended
In this online workshop we want to showcase the power of districts and neighbourhoods, focusing on those that are actually driving change. After setting the stage and raising inspiring, relevant, and critical questions on neighbourhood transformation, the spotlight is on three Rotterdam-based CityChangers that have not only talked the talk, but walked the walk: In breakout sessions, participants are part of the conversation and learn first hand how to get started, what challenges to overcome, and who to get on board when effectively driving change for better neighbourhoods - all demonstrated by examples that have been implemented in Rotterdam. The workshop is co-organized by UFGC, ISOCARP and Humankind.

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· Stage
Welcome + Making the case for the power of neighborhoods
Setting the stage for today's session: What to expect and how to get the most out of it
Lior Steinberg Gerald Babel-Sutter Jorn Wemmenhove Milena Ivkovic
· Sessions
Breakout Rooms
In the spotlight: Meet 3 CityChangers from Rotterdam to find out what they did, how they did it, and how to apply that knowledge. Choose 1 of 3 breakout rooms!
Nienke Bouwhuis Lot Mertens Sander van der Ham
· Stage
Panel Discussion
Rejoin the stage for our panel discussion with experts and city officials
José Besselink Teun van den Ende Milena Ivkovic
· Networking
Time to Network
Let's connect! Press the "Networking" button on the left, randomly meet another CityChanger, and spend 180 seconds together.


Lior Steinberg

keen on making cities better, with an emphasis on local, innovative interventions.

Nienke Bouwhuis

creating value by greening the city

Gerald Babel-Sutter

Co-Founder of the Urban Future Global Conference

Lot Mertens

City whisperer and programme leader of "Involved City"

José Besselink

creative changemaker + experienced urban planner at the city of Rotterdam

Sander van der Ham

city psychologist with a special interest in participatory projects + public space

Teun van den Ende

specialized in the field of city development, space, and heritage

Milena Ivkovic

architect by trade, storyteller by heart

Jorn Wemmenhove

change maker, social entrepreneur & creative strategist

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URBAN FUTURE global conference

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