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How technology can help you boost your financial skills leading to lifetime financial wellbeing

Today’s economic conditions, combined with a lack of financial education, has left millions of people struggling to keep on top of their finances and potentially jeopardising their financial future.

Many prioritise the day to day spending over building financial resilience as they are not sure how to save regularly, what to do in regards to their pension, or are just unclear how to get the most out of their money. Educational financial management tools like Moneyhub can support you in achieving the confidence to make better financial decisions, which can help you find financial wellbeing for good.

Find out how the Moneyhub app for Apple, Android and desktop can help you on your journey towards financial wellbeing:

- See all your finances in one place - All your bank accounts, pensions, savings, investments, loans, mortgages and more – across all your devices.
- Understand your money - Get powerful insights into your spending habits and the tools to help you change your behaviour, help you save, and build up your pension pot.
- Get advice along the way - Instantly connect your account to professionals who can help you make the big decisions.

About Moneyhub

Moneyhub is the leading Open Finance platform, helping people find financial wellbeing for good by giving them the tools to manage their finances easily and in an engaging way.

Our technologies - built around financial data aggregation, machine-learning powered categorisation, intelligence and payments - are used by businesses all over the world to help their customers get more from their money, by providing a holistic view of their entire financial world. When not working from home, we are based in Bristol near Temple Meads and have been around since 2014. To find out more, please visit and

Using our truly groundbreaking technology - that’s helping to define a new global standard in money management - we make managing finances easy and engaging, to support everyone in achieving financial wellness for good.

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