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How can our Brothers protect themselves and Heal from Trauma?

36 people attended

The Man in the Mirror Project Presents:

Sponsored by My Brothas Keeper Wellness and Empowerment Circle.

A diaspora CALL OF ACTION  virtual conference event.

Be sure:
to visit the Learning Center for 'How To' videos for:

  • Attendees
  • Speakers (accessing the backstage)
  • Vendors (attending your booth/stall in the Expo/Market, if you did not provide a promo video link)

 How do you get to the learning center? Click Here or follow the instructions below:

Click on your account ICON (look for your initials for example, Suraj Olayboyega Tokunbo Odekunle  = ST or your picture)

Select Profile > Scroll Down to the bottom of the page and on the left hand of your screen > Click Help > Select Learning Center
Look for and watch, the relevant video...

Tech Support 

What to Expect 

Meet other attendees in private 1:1 video networking sessions, in the live chat or in-conference video calls. Move forward and build new alliances for constructive long-term change.

Visit virtual stalls/booths to learn about services or make purchases.

Change Makers and Doers sharing knowledge and ideas for improving the mental health of African descent Men across the diaspora.

So, register, login, turn up the volume and take in the whole experience. All while your chillin' or taking on other Saturday responsibilities. Be sure to tell others to come join us...

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· Networking
Doors Open
Now that you are here look around and be sure to visit the 'Learning Centre', the 'How To' Session' @4:30PM, and the 'Networking' area.
· Sessions
Introduction to the Platform
'How To' session. Learn about all the features of this platform and make the most of the experience.
Club BW Virtual Events Logistics
· Stage
Opening & Welcome
Homage to the Ancestors & Event Introduction - Suraj Olayboyega Tokunbo Odekunle
Suraj  Odekunle
· Stage
Panel 1: Speakers from the UK
Panel 1 Speakers' Introdutions and Discussion followed by Q&A
Dean Okai Snr Sista Shanice Dalian Adofo Hugh Mayers Suraj  Odekunle
· Stage
Panel 2: Speakers from the USA
Panel 2 Speakers' Introdutions and Discussion followed by Q&A
Shiloh Jean-Louis Kalonji Changa Agyei Tyehimba Suraj  Odekunle
· Stage
Keynote Address
Last Speaker's Address and Q&A (Questions from the Stage Chat area.)
Suraj  Odekunle
· Networking
Networking + Let Out
Mix and mingle, 'Network' and be sure to visit the 'Expo' before leaving. Doors close at 8PM.


Dean Okai Snr

Founder of African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee (ADPAC)

Club BW Virtual Events Logistics

Virtual Logistics Coordinator

Sista Shanice

Founder of Starlight Global Events

Dalian Adofo

Co-Founder & Director Ancestral Voices

Kalonji Changa

Founder of FTP Movement

Shiloh Jean-Louis

Physical Wellbeing

Hugh Mayers

Psychotherapist & Mental Health Trainer - Emotional Insight Consultancy

Agyei Tyehimba

Founder of Harlem Liberation School & Black Liberation University

Suraj Odekunle

Man In The Mirror Project

The event is over

Hosted by

Club BW Virtual Events Logistics

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