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Early on in 2020, there were many projections about what trends we'd expect to see in talent and recruitment for the year ahead. Of course, none of them foresaw a global pandemic and the changes that this would bring with it. 
So now we're in the midst of it, let's take a look at what hiring trends we saw emerging pre-coronavirus and what has and hasn’t changed. We’ll be talking about flexible working, harnessing technology for remote hiring and onboarding, revised people policies and supporting staff during the eventual transition back to work, whatever that may look like. 
Our panel of experts will provide insights into the move to a more flexible workforce: contract, freelance, consultancy, gig economy. The workforce was already beginning to move in this direction so we'll be looking at how the pandemic has accelerated this as both employers and employees look for more flexibility.
We’re also going to be looking at what we’re seeing developing in other countries who are coming out of the other side of the pandemic in terms of hiring and we’ll take time to consider some new workforce models. 
Lastly, our speakers will offer insights into the trends we might see emerging over the coming months; what opportunities this has created for businesses and further changes that they expect to see. 
Expert speakers are:
Rob Sugden, Practice Director, ECOM
Sarah Doyle, Technology Practice Lead, Experis
Jon Musgrave, Director, Head Resourcing
The event will begin at 10am with introductions from each of our speakers, followed by a 15 minute talk from each, before an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and network.

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