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FREEDOM: A Juneteenth Experience Powered By Toasted Life & HellaCreative

410 people attended
Welcome to FREEDOM - A Virtual Juneteenth Experience: An educational, cultural, and community-driven space powered by Toasted Life and HellaCreative to commemorate #HellaJuneteenth and our collective celebration of freedom.

This event is a celebration built upon three pillars, representing the foundation towards Black Liberation.
1. Black Business
2. Black Arts
3. Black Healing 

What to Expect:
Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy curated segments featuring dope creatives, entrepreneurs, and entertainers with a focus on Black Business, Black Arts, and Black Healing. 
Guests can also:
  • Foster new relationships with other attendees through 1 on 1 networking
  • Explore community-driven brands in our expo section
  • Vibe out to live music sets provided by Chicago-based DJ, The Franchiise 

The proceeds from ticket sales will go towards supporting the Anti Police-Terror Project.

Not able to attend the event but still interested in supporting the cause? Contribute via:

FREEDOM will be hosted by Toasted Life Co-Founder Warren Jones with moderated segments by Model and Event Architect, June Johnson as well as Multi-media Artist and Photographer, Adrian Octavius Walker.

The team at HellaCreative is powering a movement toward properly recognizing Juneteenth as a national holiday. We know this holiday has not been celebrated the way it’s supposed to be — and we are determined to leverage our collective power and community to make a lasting impact on the way it's celebrated moving forward.

Although Juneteenth marks the end of slavery in America, we know that the shackles of racial and social injustices have yet to be fully broken. Even out of bondage today, 155 years later, we know there is still more work to be done. Without proper recognition of Juneteenth, our country cannot properly grapple with the stained legacy of slavery and its consequences that remain today.

Amidst these heavy and trying times, we intend for this experience to be a moment for reflection, admiration and the celebration of our culture and our people. #BLACKLIVESMATTER


· Stage
Reception Vibes | The Franchiise
Get your feet wet with the event by checking out our booths, meet someone new in the networking space or vibe out to The Franchiise on the turntables.
· Stage
Introductory Remarks | Warren Jones
· Stage
Opening Prayer & Intention | Jason Mayden
· Stage
Family Legacy & Fatherhood | Jason Mayden + Adrian Octavius Walker
· Stage
HellaJuneteenth Overview | Quinnton Harris + June Johnson
· Stage
Black Preservation & Business | BLK MKT Vintage + Adrian Octavius Walker
· Stage
Intermission Vibes | The Franchiise
· Stage
Live Art Expression | Joonbug + Topic
· Stage
Musical Muse | ASTU + Jane Handcock
· Stage
A Moment for Healing | Brandon Breaux + Iman Benet
· Stage
Closing Remarks | Warren Jones
· Stage
Social Mixer | The Franchiise

The event is over

Hosted by

Toasted Life

Lifestyle curation brand that champions celebration and cultivates community through unique events and experiences for people of color.

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From henceforth, we decree Juneteenth to be an official national holiday

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