TechTO: The impact of COVID on health tech and opportunities in the post-pandemic world

This online event starts at 7:00 PM EDT / 4:00 PM PDT

Over the span of a few long months, COVID-19 has emptied public spaces and overwhelmed healthcare facilities. As we look to the future, companies are facing financial losses, anxious employees, and the challenge of following public health guidelines.

Despite the economic impact and emotional strain caused by the pandemic, many innovators recognize the opportunity for positive outcomes. Could the COVID-19 crisis be the catalyst that prompts (desperately needed) change to the healthcare system?

This online event features interactive conversations with the following guests:

  • Adrian Schauer (Founder & CEO of AlayaCare)
  • Mark Casselman (CEO of Digital Health Canada)
  • Zayna Khayat (Future Strategist at SE Health)
  • John Ruffolo (Founder of OMERS Ventures and Co-founder, Council of Canadian Innovators)
  • Duncan Rozario (Co-Founder and CMO of Sigma Healthtech)
  • Lori Casselman (President & Chief Revenue Officer at Wello Virtual Healthcare)
  • Mike Wessinger (Founder & CEO of PointClickCare)

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