HBCU Africa Homecoming Ghana 2020 | Virtual

The HBCU Africa Homecoming is an annual convening event that connects US Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Leaders, Governments, Stakeholders, Influencers,  C-Suite executives, Student leaders, faculty and Alumni Leaders with their counterparts in Africa and the African Union; this group along with the Forum for Kings/Traditional Leaders of Africa work to establish short, medium and long term collaborative partnerships and solutions for educational, economic, and social leadership exchange. 
There will be a special focus on curating strategic partnershipS to expand study abroad options for HBCU Students in Africa.

HBCU Africa Homecoming 2020 will attract an audience of 2000 plus people from all over the world, with a majority of the attendees coming from the U.S. and Africa. Additionally, there will be speakers, guests, vendors, and attendees from the global African Diaspora. Our demographic breakdown of attendees is expected to be made up of 60% men and 40% women who range from Presidents of Universities, CEOs, Managing Directors to Ambassadors and mid-senior level government officials. We work towards ensuring the conference attracts a diverse reflective of black middle class that HBCUs nurtured in the United States. Worthy of note, 24 percent of STEM degrees earned by African-American students come from HBCUs. What’s more, according to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, HBCUs graduate 40 percent of all black members of Congress and black engineers as well as 50 percent of black lawyers and 80 percent of black judges.  

What Participants Can Expect? 
  • One to One meetings with higher education leaders, government officials and c-suite executives pre-screened to match specific partnership/collaboration interests.
  • Networking events with guests from local industry multipliers including Chambers of Commerce, associations and business councils that are influential in the business community. 
  • Meaningful plenary sessions and working groups to understand local and international education practices and opportunities. 
  • Media coverage to expand the reach of your brand and available resources/attorneys to review MOUs as well as rooms to facilitate presentations and discussions
There will be Working Group Breakout Session  to  Establish Synergy; Sessions will include:
  • Educational Leadership
  • Technology /Research Partnerships
  • FinTech|Architecting the Finances of the Movement
  • Agriculture |Environmental Sciences
  • Architecture|Engineering
  • Law/Regulations
  • Healthcare/Medicine
  • Business and Coporate Alliance
  • Culturally Responsible Curriculum Design and Programming
  • Esports
  • Media

Our extraordinary HBCU Global Impact Awards gala will recognize HBCU Stakeholders who are doing the "work".


From $0.00 to $150.00
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African Diaspora Nation

We are a culturally responsible solution platform that networks the African essence