Happiness & Its Causes 2020

18 people attending
Join us for a 2 day real time virtual conference. You ticket gives you access to all live speaker presentations, one to one networking, virtual exhibition booths, polls and chat.

In a time of trauma and hardship we’re curating a Happiness & Its Causes program this year focussing on the tools and techniques for recovery, resilience and flourishing. Something to uplift us and give us hope for the future and confidence that together we can make a difference in the world.

Themes will include resilience, flourishing, courage, altruism, kindness, connection, calming the mind, dealing with adversity and stress, and how we can best help each other and our planet in the face of climate change and the many challenges we are facing on both a personal and global level.

  • How do we have hope for the future in a turbulent world?
  • How do we heal individually and as a community when affected by calamity?
  • How do we calm the mind, bringing peace and happiness to our hearts?


From $195.00 to $295.00
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