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When it comes to climate, everybody tries to find a solution: individuals, governments, companies, NGOs. And it takes time, urgency being a soft word to describe the situation. It’s time to cut out the bullshit, and think about relevant ways to act big, bold and now.

Hampus Jakobsson’s career is hard to sum up when you see how huge it has been. He has invested in over 100 companies, after building two of his own, and is now only investing in startups that could reduce, reverse or prepare humanity for the climate crisis. He is originally a computer science engineer and was a Venture Partner at BlueYard. His writing & thinking skills are just out of this world.

He will present an overview of the climate crisis’ situation and answer those three important questions:

- What would solve the problem?

- What stops us (the world) from doing it?

- What are the opportunities for startups?

If you want to get inspired by someone who truly thinks & acts to change things, well, no bullshit, this is it.

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