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HackerNest Toronto & GTA July Community Open Chat

Been a while huh? Isolation and physical distancing wearing us all down too right? Okay, got a fix....

HackerNest Toronto & GTA Community Open Chat

Coming to you on Monday night, July 6th - 7pm onwards. This will be an evening of discussions with others from the community, akin to what you're used to at the Tech Socials. Grab your drink, fire up that computer, dial-up, and join us.


Reception: Live event schedule, welcome note, main event chat,
Networking: Meet Each Other 1-on-1s
Breakout Sessions: Smaller Group Conversations: Some set topics + Create-Your-Own
Finally leave, exhausted from talking with long lost friends!

Details on the Breakout Sessions: Our events are known for the time we dedicate to guests meeting each other (remember those large, open offices that graciously hosted us?) in a comfortable, relaxed manner. Giving breakout sessions a go (popular topics are on the schedule) to participate in, live (people can see and hear you), or just watch - there's max live-on-camera spots, but anyone can listen and join the session chat. Also, some are moderated (ie. someone is in charge of adding video participants from the request list), while others may not be. 
  • These are some of the opening general session topics we'll have: Toronto tech community stuff, all things code, jobs & careers, and whether WFH (Work From Home) is awesome or sucks!
  • Then we'll have time dedicated to creating your own session, where you'll be able to set a topic and talk about (almost) anything at all you want :) 


  • Please TEST your mic and speakers (setup support) with the browser you'll be using so that your on-camera entrance is seamless!
  • Close all unnecessary windows and programs since you'll be running chat and video - best to have 2 or 3 browser windows logged-in side-by-side
  • Great lighting makes the video go round - face a light source, have natural light, use soft/diffused light, and have a bright or light coloured wall behind you (if possible!)
  • Not at a computer? You'll be able to join from your mobile device too

HACKERNEST EVENTS: The fun way to meaningfully connect with the -actual- tech community. Down-to-earth and friendly, you show up, make friends, hear from quality people. Easy. We're mostly tech folk, but all nice folks are welcome.

WHO YOU'LL MEET: h4ck3rs. Hacks. Designerds. Data scienticians. Hardware engineerds. Developers. Venture ¢apitalist$. Venture communists. Entreprenerds. Killer robots. Sapiophiles. Social mediaphiles. Cloud network architects. Writers. Machine learning cyborgs. Artificially intelligent product managers. Accomplices.

What others have said: “Found a job” ↔ “Met my co-founder” ↔ “Met someone I eventually hired” ↔ “Got help to solve my security assignment” ↔ “Met some of my best friends in the industry” ↔ “Got a job! Went on the slide at the Masonic temple!” ↔ “Met unpretentious people who genuinely love what they do” ↔ “It was amazing! Learned a lot from people, and everyone is super friendly!”

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ABOUT US: HackerNest ( builds tech communities, helps local tech get discovered, and promotes social good around the world. We run unpretentious tech and innovation events that help humanity and encourage economic prosperity.


· Sessions
Breakout Sessions (General Community, Code, Jobs, Remote/WFH)
Join, watch, engage! (Max 10 on camera at a time)
· Networking
Networking: Chat Roulette Style 1-on-1 Convos
Fun and unpredictable - meet other techies 1-on-1 in short bursts, chat roulette style.
· Sessions
Make-Your-Own Breakout Sessions (Yes, you can!)
Refresh browser for the '+Add Session' button. No selling/recruiting - email [email protected] if that's of interest!


Shaharris ►
Shaharris ►

Started the HackerNest movement, eons ago!

JJ Beh
JJ Beh


Stella Cabrera
Stella Cabrera

Toronto Organizer!

Ashutosh Patodia
Ashutosh Patodia

Toronto Organizer!

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