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Global Forum 2020

676 people attended
The Global Forum is Cleantech Open’s annual flagship event and the culmination of the annual Cleantech Open US accelerator program.

For the first time in history, the 2020 Global Forum will be held entirely virtually on Friday, October 23rd, open to the public, and FREE - making it even more accessible for cleantech leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Keynote speakers are:

  • Bertrand Piccard, cleantech pioneer and chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation

Bertrand is the visionary behind Solar Impulse, the history-making solar-powered plane he flew around-the-world in 2016. Through the Solar Impulse Foundation he now challenges himself to discover and validate 1000 innovative solutions that are logical as well as ecological, and protect the environment in a profitable way. Bertrand meets with government leaders and policy makers to carve a path for a prosperous circular economy.

  • Ashley Grosh, Director, Gates Ventures

Ashley is a Director at Gates Ventures, the private office of Bill Gates, as part of the Breakthrough Energy Team, whose mission is to help lead the world on a path to net-zero emissions by 2050. Ashley will chat with Erik Steeb, who leads Incubatenergy Network at EPRI in a Q&A-style interview.

  • Romie Basra, SVP and National Cleantech Practice Leader, Wells Fargo Technology Banking Group

Romie leads large-scale investments and lending — part of a $200B endeavor to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy. Romie will connect the standards entrepreneurs need to hit to secure funding from large institutions like Wells Fargo.

Once a year, the Global Forum brings together Cleantech Open’s current accelerator cohort of nearly 100 innovative cleantech companies to celebrate their progress, achievements, and impact in creating a sustainable, inclusive green economy. 

They’re joined by over 400 industry leaders, cleantech entrepreneurs, sustainability experts, investors, and partner organizations for a series of shark tank-style pitches, a Showcase Expo, an awards ceremony, and lots of networking opportunities. 

Find out more about the 2020 event, participating startups, and our sponsors at the Global Forum event site:

Since 2006, Cleantech Open has worked with over 1,600 early-stage cleantech innovators, advancing their business models, engaging investors, and securing first customers. 

Why attend?

  • Learn - hear about the latest innovation in environmental and sustainable technologies in areas ranging from energy, agriculture, and water, to transportation, and smart cities.
  • Network - we anticipate an audience of over 400 industry insiders; a great opportunity to make new connections in the cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Celebrate - meet nearly 100 passionate startups creating solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental and sustainability challenges.

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Program & Awards
Here is where the Program and Awards will be held!
Ryan Hoover Jessica Smothermon Noah Pyles Jack Pan Michael Burz Jonathan Tan Eric Noziere David Manosalvas-Kjono Romie Basra MARIO  MERCADO Joanne Rodriguez erik steeb Ashley Grosh Bertrand Piccard Ken Hayes
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The Showcase & Expo
Here is where you can meet all of the companies in the Expo!
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Networking Session
Meet other attendees!
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Alumni Networking
Meet your fellow alums!


Ken Hayes

CTO National Executive Director

Bertrand Piccard

Cleantech pioneer and chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation

Ashley Grosh

Director, Gates Ventures

erik steeb

Sr Technical Leader, Technology Innovation at Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Joanne Rodriguez




Romie Basra

SVP and National Cleantech Practice Leader, Wells Fargo Technology Banking Group

David Manosalvas-Kjono

Aeromutable Corp.

Eric Noziere


Jonathan Tan

Coreshell Technologies, Inc.

Michael Burz

EnZinc Inc.

Jack Pan

Ocean Motion Technologies, Inc.

Noah Pyles


Jessica Smothermon

CTO National Operations Director

Ryan Hoover

CTO Western Region Events Chair

The event is over

Hosted by

Cleantech Open

Cleantech Open (CTO) runs the world’s largest clean technology accelerator program.

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ADC Technologies Inc.

Making Data Centers Carbon Negative

Aeromutable Corporation

Developing real-time aerodynamic modification technology that reduces carbon emissions and increases profitability for the trucking industry.

AEROS Environmental LLC

For a Safer, Cleaner Shipping Industry with less environmental impact


Making Green Hydrogen a Reality.

Andluca Technologies

Developers of the most advanced windows in the world.

Antora Energy

Ultra low-cost thermal battery for grid-scale energy storage

ARC Industries

Wind Energy That Fits

Asoleyo Architectural Solar

Making beautiful solar panels by re-designing solar cells-- using the artistic principles of symmetry, rhythm, and line.

Athéna Recherche et Innovation

Now your wastewater produces biohydrogen!

Atrevida Science

Bigger blades mean better designs are a must... Be BOLD


IoT Predictive Maintenance for Refrigeration & HVAC

Battery Tour

Battery Tour builds life long customers by bringing sustainability to customers' top of mind by leveraging entertainment content.

BlueDot Photonics, Inc.

Harnessing More Power from Light - Higher efficiency solar panels and flexible solar modules for new applications

Bright Building

Optimizing your team for optimal building performance.


CO2 Conversion for the Eco-Friendly World

Centsible House, Inc

Centsible House offers on-site power, heating and cooling solutions to reduce small residential buildings' carbon emissions and increase their resiliency.

change:WATER Labs

Expanding safe, sustainable sanitation with innovative technologies that turn waste into pure water and power Inc

CLIP easy Biking bringing e-bike functionalities to any bike instantly

Cogenerate Solar Inc.

Delivering NET-ZERO with Solar Alone. Cogenerate delivers NET-ZERO, cost effectively, to homes and businesses with solar alone, by capturing 4 to 6 times more solar energy from the same rooftop compared to PV panels.

Community Energy Labs

Clean, Simple & Affordable Building Electrification.

Coreshell Technologies, Inc.

Coreshell Technologies is creating a breakthrough nanolayer coating that fundamental degradation issue in all rechargeable batteries in a process that's Gigafactory ready.

Daanaa Resolution Inc

No Cables, Anywhere, Ever.

DAE Technologies

CFx Batteries and Supercapacitors for EVs, Clean Energy, and IoT Systems

EiP Technologies

100% Renewable Low-Carbon, Highly-Resilient, Highly-Efficient Off-Grid Power Systems for the Industrial, Commercial, and High-Density Residential Markets


Plug&Play Microgrids supporting ultrafast Electric Vehicle Charging

EMC Squared Vehicles

EV without range anxiety

Emulate Energy

LOW COST ENERGY STORAGE AT MASS SCALE unleashing residential demand response

EnZInc Inc.

EnZinc - A New Dimension in Energy


Sustainable Fabric Out Of Thin Air

Farm to Flame Energy

The Universal Biomass Solution

FerroPower Technologies Inc.

Near-Isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage, a Clean Storage Solution for Clean Energy


Converting CO2 into fuels and chemicals

Flooid Power Systems, Inc.

A new category in power generation: Continuous, scalable, small footprint, high output, no fuel or emissions

Frontline Waste

Community-Scale (20-80 tons/day) Pyrolysis Waste-To-Energy Solution. Generate about 1MWe for every 20 tons of mixed-waste. Financable ROI and payback.

Full Circle Microbes, Inc.

We're an Ag Biotech company using microbes to help farmers recycle waste biomass into a fertilizer substitute that increases sellable yield while reducing nutrient costs and improving sustainability.

Green Tech Motors

High Efficiency Density Electric Motors


Making plant-based proteins better, faster, and cheaper.

GrowFlux Inc

Wireless Lighting Control for Horticulture

GSR Solutions

GSR has developed sustainable technologies for transforming agricultural and food waste runoff and carbon emissions into valued products for global markets at the nexus of food, water, and energy.

Harmony desal

More Waters, Less Waste

Helicoid Industries Inc.

The Helicoid® architecture disrupts the composite market by enhancing performance of all parts designed for toughness and impact resistance while potentially allowing further weight savings.


Next Generation of Post-Lithium Batteries

Human Dynamics

Human Dynamics transforms the way work-at-heights is done.

Hydrobee SPC

New Personal Renewable Energy Products


Innovative company developing AI & robotic products in service of Nature. Designer of the Jellyfishbot.

Icarus RT, Inc.

Advanced hybrid solar PV/Thermal cogeneration plus storage


EV Work Trucks...Triple Play: Drive Electric, Work Electric, Generate Electric

Jordan Energy Alternative

It's not just about alternative energy, it's about alternative choices


Liquid8 is building a revolutionary Water Conservation Offset system to help companies meet their water neutral goals.

LuTech Mining

We boost revenue of undervalued energy assets, especially gas and renewable sources, with on-site data centers for blockchain applications.

Muon Vision

X-ray powers for sustainable mining

Mycocycle, Inc.

Converting waste streams to value streams.


Grow your own food easily at home, all year round

NanoArchitech, Inc.

Award Winning Advanced Ceramic Composites with Multiple Benefits for Resilience and Preparedness to the Climate Crisis

NanoDian, Inc.

Nano material solution for lower cost and higher safety in Li-ion batteries


Oceanworks is on a mission is to accelerate the market for recycled plastic to clean-up the ocean. Oceanworks aims to reduce the use of virgin materials and eliminate demand for new plastic production.


Final destruction of PFAS and other wastewater contaminants

Pareto Point Industries, Inc.

Advancing Engine Asset Protection through an Innovative Fine Filtration Technology

Path to a Green Home

Helping Cities to reduce emissions from their largest contributor - their residents - via Mobile App


Science Made Sustainable

Power to Hydrogen

Building Bridges to a Clean Energy Future


Blockchain enabled AI Clean Energy Marketplace.

Prisere LLC

Unlocking insurance capital to finance clean energy


Bio-based chemicals for everyday materials


Fast diagnostics to maximize the value of every battery

RenuLogix (Energy Advisor Hub)

The smart solar installer platform...

RePurpose Energy

Lower-Cost, More Sustainable Energy Storage


Road-based clean power generation as-a-service

Shockwave Motors, Inc.

Electric Autocycle Company aiming to disrupt a $10.5 billion international market!


A green alternative to traditional construction materials

SiLi-ion Inc.

Pioneering a sustainable, battery powered future with extended life and limitless possibility

Sol Clarity

Water-Free Self-Cleaning Solar Power

SolarFlexes LLC

Massively scalable solar products.

Spar Energy

Power from Atmosphere

Summit Nanotech

Lithium for a better future


Reinventing Solar Thermal Energy Collection that is easily attached to the back of existing and new PV modules.


We turn trash (crop and forest residues) into cash (valuable bioproducts).


Turn the bike you already love into an electric one


Ambient RF Harvesting for Batteryfree IoT


Democratizing Solar Investing

The Mackinac Technology Company

Window Energy Management Systems

TransparentSea, Inc.

The only sustainable option for America's favorite seafood.

True Data Ops

A new approach to Asset and Workflow Management.


UNOCUP - The Lid-free Paper Coffee Cup

Uplift Solar Corp.

Intelligent Solar Panels


Uzaje develops logistic and industrial solutions for packaging reuse in restaurants & supermarkets​


Hydrogen storage for heavy duty transportation


Carbon Reduction Intelligence


Graphene coating solution for Li-ion cathode.

ZYD Energy

An optimization control technology to enable zero-emission water heating.