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Getting Access to COVID-19 Data: Experiences, Challenges, and Technologies

COVID-19 has been characterized as “humanity's first data-driven pandemic”, with an unprecedented level of global data sharing concerning the novel coronavirus and its spread. Governments around the world are openly sharing data on a daily basis on cases and deaths related to COVID-19. And there are more and more websites popping up to track the spread of the disease, as well as mutations of the virus. However, the immediate and medium-term response to COVID-19 also requires access to real world health data from hospitals, pharmacies, and insurers, and not just descriptive information on the number of cases, tests, and deaths.
Many argue that data is exactly what is needed to fight the pandemic and are pushing for more open sharing of data with researchers, health care providers, and public health organizations as they are attempting to redirect the course of the disease, and developing life-saving treatments and vaccines. For example, the application of AI methods to analyze COVID-19 data can be a game changer, but the AI methods require larger volumes of detailed data.
This mini-summit is intended to explore the ways that data relevant for understanding and managing the disease can be shared broadly, and how privacy concerns can be addressed in doing so. We will look at experiences of data sharing, what the challenges are, and what technologies are available.

Full details about the mini-summit are available in our brochure, here.

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Alex Miller Khaled El Emam
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Gerry  Stegmaier Jason LaBonte
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Alex Miller

President, Esri Canada

Gerry Stegmaier

Partner, ReedSmith LLP

Jason LaBonte

Chief Strategy Officer, Datavant

Khaled El Emam

Professor, University of Ottawa; Co-founder and Director, Replica Analytics

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Electronic Health Information Laboratory (CHEO Research Institute)

Developing data synthesis technology and methods

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