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Generation Democracy: Training Young Progressives to Win in 2020

180 people attended
Generation Democracy: Training Young Progressives to Win in 2020 is a virtual conference that will focus on training Gen-Z and Millennial activists to help Democrats win the White House and both houses of Congress this November. Through comprehensive peer-to-peer training, we will equip young organizers and volunteers alike with the skills they need to effectively mobilize voters of all ages, but particularly young voters, within the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic.


· Stage
Mayor Michael Tubbs
Keynote remarks from Mayor Michael Tubbs
· Stage
Keynote Panel
Hear from our expert panel about the power of the youth vote in winning this election.
Natalie Montelongo Hannah Bristol Kevin Lima
· Expo
Track 2 Session 1: Connecting Issue Advocacy to Voting
How to connect issue-oriented advocacy to the electoral process
Shetarrah Byfield
· Sessions
Track 1 Session 1: Outreach to Voters in a Pandemic
How campaigns & volunteers contact and mobilize voters in a pandemic; phone banking and texting best practices
Davis Han Morgan Stahr Nick Guthman
· Sessions
Track 1 Session 2: Persuading Voters
How to tell your story, how to relate back to politics, & how to convince a voter
Simran Chowla
· Sessions
Track 2 Session 2: Hosting Virtual Volunteer Events
How to host successful virtual phone banks and texts banks to bring the feel of a campaign office online
Davis Han Karla Ponce
· Sessions
Track 1 Session 3: Relational Organizing
How to use the power of your personal contacts and relationships to get out the vote
Nick Canfield Jamie McGonnigal
· Sessions
Track 2 Session 3: Using Social Media to GOTV
Best practices for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to get out the vote
Mana Shooshtari (she/hers) Rina Welch Trevor Wild
· Sessions
Bonus: Connecting BLM to the Election
How the Black Lives Matter movement ties into the 2020 election
Shetarrah Byfield Jamarr Brown Adrianna Williams
· Sessions
Bonus: Persuading Progressives to Vote for Biden
How to persuade progressive voters to support the Democratic ticket in November
Mana Shooshtari (she/hers) Mark Gonzalez Shaniqua McClendon


Natalie Montelongo

Julian for the Future

Natalie Montelongo

Julian for the Future

Joshua Harris-Till

President, Young Democrats of America

Mitchell Rosenberg

Now Simplified

Tylik McMillan

National Action Network

Eve Levenson

Youth Coordinator, Grassroots Democrats HQ

Jamie McGonnigal


Trevor Wild

Social Media Strategist

Kevin Lima

Youth Political Director, DNC

Adrianna Williams

Black Students for Biden

Hannah Bristol

National Young Adult Engagement Director, Joe Biden for President

Shaniqua McClendon

Crooked Media

Jamarr Brown

Young Democrats of America

Simran Chowla

Team Enough

Karla Ponce

Spanish Phone Bank coordinator, Grassroots Democrats HQ

Rina Welch

Social Media Coordinator, Blue Future

Shetarrah Byfield

Field Organizer, Grassroots Democrats HQ

Nick Guthman

Executive Director, Blue Future

Morgan Stahr

Co-Executive Director, Blue Future

Mark Gonzalez

California Director, Joe Biden for President

Nick Canfield

National Field Director,

Mana Shooshtari (she/hers)

Field Organizer, Grassroots Democrats HQ

Davis Han

Field Director, Grassroots Democrats HQ

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Generation Democracy

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