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Designing for the Future of UX

Learn from leaders in the design industry about their thoughts on what UX might look like in the near and far future. Join breakout sessions after the panels to network and discuss your own individual topics further. Leave inspired to explore and create your own idea of what UX will be in the future.

Andrea Eppy @andreahock0

Lenora Porter @lenoraporter_
Reginé Gilbert @reg_inee
Robbie Tilton @robbietilton

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· Stage
Panel Discussion
Our panel discusses Designing for the Future of UX.
Regine Gilbert Andrea Hock Lenora Porter Robbie Tilton
· Networking
Networking 1-on-1
Make a new friend in UX design community. What are their thoughts on the Future of UX?
· Sessions
Round Table Discussions
Continue the conversation. Chat with Panelists directly or create your own round table discussion.
Regine Gilbert Andrea Hock Lenora Porter Robbie Tilton


Regine Gilbert
Regine Gilbert

Sr. Experience Designer | Author | Educator | Speaker

Robbie Tilton
Robbie Tilton

Founder & Head of Design at SituatedStudio

Lenora Porter
Lenora Porter

Software Engineer at Salesforce and Youtuber

Andrea Hock
Andrea Hock

Product Designer and Adobe XD Livestream Host

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