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116 people attending
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The programming is 10am - 4:30pm PDT for each of the two days.

Food entrepreneurs and investors convene for two days of educational workshops and live investment presentations to catalyze the funding flow for food ventures.

"Of all the food entrepreneurship events I participate in, Food Funded is my favorite place to make new friends, have authentic conversations and to explore ideas and opportunities to follow up on."

Impact Priorities at FOOD FUNDED 2020
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI) in the food system
  • Food and Agriculture Solutions addressing Climate Change

Entrepreneur Lab: Hands-on workshops by experienced practitioners

"Just the right mix of experienced presenters and inspiring attendees to allow me to make the connections I hoped for to help my company get to the next level."

  • What’s Happening in the Market Today? What's on Consumers' Minds and Drives their Buying Decisions?
  • Your food has a JEDI story. How to tell it?  Shining a Light on Underserved Markets and Food with Heritage
  • How to Embed JEDI Culture in Your Company? Hiring, Promotions, Decisons, Power: Dealing with Unconscious Bias and Soft Barriers
  • Why Investing in Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion is Crucial. How Enterprises and Investors Can Move Capital in a more Equitable Way
  • Reality Check 2020: (Re)Building Resilient and Just Food Systems. Coming out at the Other End of the Crisis: How to Reshuffle the Cards for Regenerative and Just Solutions?
  • Your food has a climate story. How to tell it? Customers care. Now, how to connect the dots to your products and what behind them?
  • Regenerative Models from Soil to Shelf. Ag & Climate Solutions throughout the Supply Network
  • The Investment/financial Case for Climate-aware Food. What are the Real Returns that Matter?

10th Annual Bay Area Food Investor Fair 

Forum for investors to meet 24 curated food entrepreneurs and see pre-screened investment opportunities. Prior investments have ranged from $25K to $10M.

“The best event for leading food entrepreneurs and the community that supports them to come together”

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From $125.00 to $900.00
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FOOD FUNDED 2020 (Oct 6&7)

Food entrepreneurs and investors convene for educational workshops and live investment presentations to catalyze the funding flow for food ventures.