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FlyDuo PlayParty™

The FlyDuo PlayParty™ is the sex-positive virtual getaway we've all been waiting for!

Come play with us, Saturday, June 27th from 2 PM - 12 AM EST! Tickets are $25 per screen and include the Friday evening film screening of This One’s For The Ladies, plus interview with Director, Gene Graham — So grab the friends and family you’ve been quarantining with, call up all your grown and sexy friends, put on something that makes you feel cute, and settle in for a steamy Friday evening, followed by a full-day of virtual pleasure unlike anything you’ve experienced before!!


Hosted by Reuben and Sherri Johnson of Fly Media Productions, the FlyDuo PlayParty™ is a one-of-a-kind event that will bring together members of the sexual pleasure and wellness communities for a day of sex-positive community building and fun; including a series of inclusive, engaging, and sexy-as-f*ck virtual experiences centered around sex, love, intimacy, and relationships — ranging from NSFW group discussions to safe-for-social-media games and challenges, live demos and entertainment, special guest appearances, a Friday evening pre-party, prize packs, product giveaways, and more!

Panelists and participants include American Sex Podcast’s Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg; Marla Renee Stewart, of Velvet Lips and Sex Down South; King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine, of Royal Fetish Films; SX Noir; Andrew Gurza; Amina Peterson; April Flores; The Pleasure Mechanics; as well as special guests Celebrity DJ, Traci Steele; Filmmaker, Gene Graham; Poet Shihan Van Clief, and more to be announced!


You'll notice that we're offering two admission options - $25, the General Admissions rate, and a reduced cost ticket at $15. While our goal from the jump has been to ensure our panelists are compensated fairly for their hard work, we recognize that many of our community members are experiencing significant hits to their finances at this time. If you are able to pay full price, we ask that you please consider doing so. If the lower-cost option is a more accessible fit for you at this time, we encourage you to utilize that option. If you're a prospective guest who's houseless or otherwise in need financially beyond what this discount accounts for, please reach out to us directly so we can do our best to accommodate you.


This is a 75% Black/BIPOC and 38% LGBTQ led event. Ticket sales help support sexual pleasure and wellness educators, creators, and brands impacted by the Corona pandemic — most of whom have been denied access to COVID19 related government initiatives. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Black Sex Worker Collective: a philanthropic arts project seeking to amplify the voices of Black Sex Workers by addressing their needs through peer support, legal assistance, housing, and other basic needs assessment; as well as Pineapple Support: a free support and therapy service for all persons working in the online adult industry – no matter their gender, ethnic origin, social status, age or sexual preference.


Ticket price includes access to the Friday evening pre-party and all day Saturday. As required by law, you must be at least 21 years old to attend this event. Fly Media Productions and its team have the right to deny access to anyone for any reason. If we believe you are violating our code of conduct or the age requirements you are not welcome and are subject to ejection. There are NO Refunds.

FlyDuo PlayParty™ is an inclusive 21+ event with a diverse range of presenters and audience members. We’re committed to creating a safe, judgment-free space where all feel welcome to learn, share, connect, and PLAY without discrimination. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our Code of Conduct.

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· Stage
"This One's For the Ladies" Film Screening + Interview with Director (Pre-Party)
Gene Graham
· Stage
Complete the Phrase That Pays Scavenger Brunch (Instagram @_FlyDuo)
· Stage
Welcome Reception with The FlyDuo
Reuben + Sherri Johnson (@FlyDuo)
· Stage
Business of Pleasure Industry Roundtable
Chris and Charlotte Rose Marla Renee Stewart SX Noir Sunny Megatron  and Ken Melvoin-Berg Andrew Gurza Reuben + Sherri Johnson (@FlyDuo) Lidia Bonilla
· Networking
· Stage
The Art of Dirty Talk Workshop
Marla Renee Stewart
· Stage
Cocktails with Eugene "Stryder" Brown
· Stage
Let's Talk About Sex (Toys) - Q&A
Reuben + Sherri Johnson (@FlyDuo) Dirty  Lola
· Expo
INTERMISSION: Networking / Expo Break
· Stage
Live Performance with Celebrity DJ, Traci Steele
DJ Traci Steele
· Stage
NSFW Trivia Game
Jet Setting Jasmine King Noire Goddess (She/Her) Amina April Flores Sunny Megatron  and Ken Melvoin-Berg Aysha & Nasser | @ayeworld Feminista  Jones @FeministaJones Reuben + Sherri Johnson (@FlyDuo)
· Stage
Live Performance with Celebrity DJ, Traci Steele
DJ Traci Steele
· Stage
FlyDuo PlayParty After Dark (Group Discussion)
Tony and Shani Hart Chris and Charlotte Rose Kali Sudhra SX Noir Reuben + Sherri Johnson (@FlyDuo) Dirty  Lola
· Stage
Special Performance by Poet Shihan Van Clief
Poet Shihan Van Clief is the Co-founder/Host/Producer of @Da_poetry_lounge and a 7x HBO Def Poet.
Shihan Van Clief
· Stage
Erotic Literary Reading
Lenubienne (Nani) Olivia O'Flynn Goddess (She/Her) Amina Aysha & Nasser | @ayeworld Andrew Gurza Reuben + Sherri Johnson (@FlyDuo)
· Stage
Special Thanks + Wrap Up!
Reuben + Sherri Johnson (@FlyDuo)


DJ Traci Steele

TV Personality & Celebrity DJ

Jet Setting Jasmine King Noire

Adult Entertainers, Educators, & Master Fetish Trainers

Tony and Shani Hart

Sex Educators, Certified Sexuality Coaches, & Dildo Wranglers at Hart's Desires Erotic Boutiques

Chris Cock

Adult Performer / IRRELEVANCE Studios

Gene Graham

Director, This One's For the Ladies

Olivia O'Flynn

Audio Director & Lead Voice at The Good Bits

Lenubienne (Nani)

Essayist, Scholarship Slayer, & Photographer

Shihan Van Clief

Creative Storyteller & Writer / Co-Founder & Host of Da Poetry Lounge

Goddess (She/Her) Amina

Intimacy Coach & Tantric Goddess at at Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality

April Flores

Award Winning Adult Performer

Dirty Lola

Sex Educator, Speaker, & Edutainer / Sex Ed A Go Go


GQ Magazine Award winning Bartender

Lidia Bonilla

Pleasure Strategist, Product Inventor, & Co-Founder of Women In Sex Tech

Reuben + Sherri Johnson (@FlyDuo)

Brand Strategists, Digital Agency Founders, & Co-Founders of Fly Media Productions

Andrew Gurza

Disability Awareness Consultant & Host of Disability After Dark

Feminista Jones @FeministaJones

Author, Activist, & Advocate

Aysha & Nasser | @ayeworld

Social Justice Activists & Advocates / Co-Founders Ayeworld

Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg

Sexuality Educators & Hosts of American Sex Podcast

SX Noir

Thot Leader & Vice President of the Women of Sex Tech

Marla Renee Stewart

Sexologist, Author, & Educator / Velvet Lips & Sex Down South Conference

Kali Sudhra

Adult Performer, Sex Worker, Educator & Activist

Chris and Charlotte Rose

Sex Educators at

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Fly Media Productions

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