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Fintech Drinks is a monthly meetup - now online and FREE - where we discuss the hottest topics in fintech.

On September 16th, we will focus the conversation around Mergers and Acquisitions.

We are seeing the fintech landscape shift due in part to the maturity of the sector and the economic impacts of COVID.

Join us to discuss how mergers and acquisitions within the fintech sector are changing the way business is done and how it may impact the sector for years to come.

We will be addressing:
  • What are the strategies FIs are considering when looking at partnership options with fintechs.
  • How has COVID shifted the way the two stakeholders work with each other.
  • What do fintechs need to know when looking at being acquired.
  • What benefits (if any) can mergers provide the fintech sector in Canada.
  • How are mergers and acquisitions changing the overall innovation landscape.
  • Are mergers and acquisitions beneficial to consumers.


  • Speaker 1 | Robert Paterson - President and CEO at Alterna Savings and Alterna Bank
  • Speaker 2 | Ranjit Sarai - Head of Digital Banking Product at Credit Sesame
  • Speaker 3 | Corey Gross - CEO & Co-founder at Sensibill

Moderated by Nicholas Belliveau, Head of Marketing at Fintech Cadence

Event Schedule

17h00: Welcome - Networking is Open - Join early to meet new people
17h30: Opening Remarks
17h40: Panel + Q&A
18h30: Networking Continues

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Ron Stokes
Ron Stokes


Ranjit Sarai
Ranjit Sarai


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Rob Paterson


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Corey Gross


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