Fintech Drinks | Lockdown: How cybersecurity has to step up

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Fintech Drinks is back with new monthly programming - now online and FREE.

For the first virtual edition on July 15th, we will focus the conversation around cybersecurity.


  • Mathieu Lavoie, Co-founder & CEO at Flare Systems
  • Jason Green, Partner, Cybersecurity at EY
  • Joseph Lau, Chief Information Security Officer at Portag3

Moderated by Layial El-Hadi, Executive Director at Fintech Cadence


  • Understanding how cybercrime has changed within the context of today.
  • Breaking down the urgency that needs to take place.
  • Explaining what are the different types of crimes/behaviours/challenges and what are the different patterns that we have been able to see?
  • Understanding what the various players in the industry are doing to address these challenges.
  • Creating awareness around the different approaches between fintechs and incumbents and how they are or can work together.

Event Schedule

17h30: Opening remarks and introduction of sponsors
17h45: Panel begins
18h15: Q&A
18h30: Networking and Topic Sessions
19h00: Networking continues to 19h30
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Some further great reads from our sponsors and speakers joining us on Wednesday:

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Panel Talk: Lockdown: How cybersecurity has to step up
Layial El-Hadi Jason Green Joseph Lau Mathieu Lavoie
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Layial El-Hadi
Layial El-Hadi


Joseph Lau
Joseph Lau

Panelist - Portag3

Jason Green
Jason Green

Panelist - EY

Mathieu Lavoie
Mathieu Lavoie

Panelist - Flare Systems


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